Monday, December 28, 2009

The new adventure has begun

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to my new blog. If you got here from Topaz Horizon or from Beauty For A Living, then I'm happy to see old friends accompany me on a new journey.

Well, folks, I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling okay--barring the usual morning sickness, breast tenderness, frequent bathroom trips, lower back ache, fatigue, emotional roller coaster and hunger pains round the clock, of course. Some days, I forget I'm pregnant since I still look and feel the same. Some days, I'm paralyzed with fear and worry and "What have I gotten myself into?" thoughts. Then there are days I'm just overwhelmed with bliss and anticipation.
We got pregnant 2 years and 7 months after this happy occasion.

My husband, Vince, on the other hand, is just thrilled. He says he sometimes gets worried, too, but he mostly feels wonderful. I envy him for feeling just one emotion (happiness) about the pregnancy since my feelings are all over the place. All the pregnancy books say it's perfectly normal for me to feel mixed emotions--blame the hormones, they all reassure. Yes, the hormones sure are wreaking havoc on my emotions. I'm also blaming all the sudden changes in my body (see second sentence of this blog post!), which, at this point, are quite alarming.

All the books tell me I'll start enjoying the pregnancy once the 4th month kicks in--that's when the nausea ebbs and the emotions steady. I'm really looking forward to that! And to hearing my little one's heartbeat. Right now, the baby is just a little jelly bean looking nothing like a human being. But we adore Jelly Bean already! We are praying with all our might that its little heart will start beating soon so that our tremulous hopes will be assured.

Please breathe a prayer for my safe and healthy pregnancy, dear friends. This is one adventure we never thought we'd venture into--selfish, ambitious people that we are--but now that it's here, against all odds!, it's all we think about!


  1. OMG Frances!! How exciting! Congratulations to you both! That's absolutely wonderful news!
    Wishing you and your 'little bean' all the best in the coming months...and make sure your hubby takes good care of you (which I'm positive he does already!)

    Big hugs,


  2. Thanks, Duni! Hugs from Germany are super appreciated!

    This pregnancy was really unexpected. The husband is coping with the news better than I am--yes, he's taking good care of me!--since I am still in shock but I'm starting to get really excited more than scared =D

  3. I congratulated Vince last week and he ust had this HUGE grin! Your husband is SO happy.

    Praying always for you, dear Frances. I am so excited for you. :)

  4. Hi Ro! Ya, Vince goes around with a huge grin these days. I still can't believe how happy he is about it especially since we didn't think we wanted one in the first place!

    So we're thankful that God still knows best--giving us something we didn't ask for because He knew that was just what we needed =)

  5. mazel tov frances!! i'm so happy for you. i love being pregnant, people are much nicer to you! i wished you live close by and i can make pamana my baby gear! of course, i went nuts and bought the bugaboo and the orbit strollers. went all organic with my first born, well, my hubby was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma cancer when i was 8 months pregnant, that's why i went overboard. he's in remission now, thank G-d! anyway, i'm babbling. i bet you're over the moon!!!

  6. Hi Karina, I'm happy but not over the moon haha. Ask me again when the baby comes. Right now, the pregnancy and all the nausea, hunger, headaches, fatigue and acute smell... well, let me just say I can't wait for August!!! Good for you you loved being preggers. I'm really just taking this one excruciating day at a time haha.

  7. I feel with you. I remember thinking about adoption already until we got prego 2yrs. and 9 mos after getting married. Who would have thought! God's timing is perfect. There's no dictating when and how and this is the way He chose to surprise you and Vince! I celebrate with you my friend and know that we're with you praying for a healthy, full term pregnancy and safe delivery.

    Love ya! =)

  8. Hi Jennie! Actually, though we were shocked, we weren't surprised we got pregnant =) Vince and I were already planning for a baby for some time now, but we figured we'd actively try beginning January. So it's a little ahead of schedule but, like you said, God approved of our plans but not our timing so He went ahead and gave us a kid early! =)

  9. This is such a happy news Frances :) Will pray for you and your baby's safety always. Just hang on, everything will be okay in the next few weeks.

  10. Kaith, thanks! Prayers are always appreciated. I know I sound so unhappy but I'm not. I really want this baby to hang in there and grow and be healthy and normal and beautiful and smart and perfect! =D

  11. Congratulations on the good news! I'm a reader from your Topaz Horizon blog. I remembered that post of yours on your 33rd birthday. You were wondering how you could match Jesus Christ's and Angelina Jolie's accomplishments when they turned 33. Well surprise!-you're now a Mom at 33. Not in the same league as their feats but an achievement and blessing nonetheless.
    Anyway, I'm writing this because I'm turning 33 next year. I got married a month (or months?) ahead of you. I'm already at that point where I'm losing hope that I'll ever get pregnant but I'm thinking now, this could be my lucky year yet. I hope your good fortune on getting pregnant rubs off on me. Congratulations again!

  12. congrats again!

    i wanted to have a baby for a long time. bf & i had been trying to be pregnant but to no avail.
    & i'm already beginning to feel desperate. i know that i'm still young..but...

    But then i guess it's all for the good. I'll just have to read your preggy adventures so that when my time will come i'll be familiar with it already.

    God will just give us 1 on the right time.

    Always take good care of yourself,hun

  13. Hi Gatto, have you seen a fertility specialist yet? Sometimes being on hormone therapy can do wonders for you. I wasn't planning on getting pregnant (I was on the pill and just missed a few!) but here I am.

    Gatto and Thiamere, my doctors are very good--Dr. Rebecca Singson at the Makati Medical Center and Dr. Florante Gonzaga at The Medical City. Yes, I have two--I have endometriosis--really never thought I'd get pregnant!

  14. Hi frances, I am a newbie reader of both of your blogs and now I'm hooked. I just love your honesty and wit. I too, have endometriosis and still is waiting for my very own Jelly Bean. I am now thinking of going to your OBGYN. =)-- were you taking anything or having some kind of treatment for your endo? Your pregnancy renews my faith that one day, I too, will be blessed despite of our condition. Congrats and you will always be in your prayers.

  15. hi cousin, congrats. parang kailan lang npag usapan natin regarding kung buntis kna. And look ito na yon hehehe. don't worry relax kalang para beauty ka pa rin. Tita Au will take care of you and her apo.


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