Thursday, January 7, 2010

Feeling much better--thanks!

Ladies, you've all been very sweet, compassionate and understanding. Thank you for all your comments encouraging me through my misery. I realize now that my whining sounds so petulant and bratty--I may think this pregnancy is difficult but when I read your stories, my goodness, I am actually doing well after all!

My friend Jing wrote about her own pregnancy stories to keep my spirits up (by telling me pregnancy can be horrible haha!). It's a beautiful letter that made me tear up a bit so, ladies, go to Hypermom right now to read it!

Now, everyone seems to tell me to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter. So I'm going to Rustan's this Saturday to buy it. Now I have another favor--what beauty products did you use when you were pregnant? You have to help me!!!

Since I found out I was with child (ooh, what a term! Love it!), I've stopped using everything except the gentlest shampoo and baby soap. Good-bye moisturizers, night creams, serums, lotions, eye creams, sunblock! And I look absolutely horrible now. The shampoo is so gentle, my hair is oilier than ever and baby soap is so drying! I'm never using baby soap on my baby!

It's a good thing I had my hair colored red in late October. It's time for a retouch since my roots are showing but I'll have to postpone the coloring till my third trimester. Don't worry--hair dye won't harm the baby! But I was advised to do it just once or twice throughout the pregnancy and to use organic dye, if possible.

As for my skin, well, a dermatologist I saw insists I use her creams but since I think that's a bit self-serving, I'm going to ask fellow moms instead. Pleeeeease tell me what beauty products you used when you were pregnant because I'm sick of people telling me I'm going to have a boy. Really, what is it about pregnant women that makes people suddenly become psychics? Some people should just keep their clairvoyance to themselves!


  1. Skip Palmer's
    Go natural. Just use olive oil mixed with vit e and with a few drops of ur favorite fragrant essential oil. Rub it on your tummy twice a day.
    and voila! no stretch marks!
    I did it and some of my friends :)

    I recommend you also use all-natural olive oil soap from bynature.
    And she used olive oil on her tummy too :)

  2. When I was pregnant with my boys, I didn't use any beauty products (except for physiogel). My OB didn't allow me and I was too lazy.

    I regret not using Palmer's. Maybe if I did, I won't have this much stretch marks.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  3. hi frances! i'm one of your followers (but i chose to go anonymous, just in case may nakakakilala sa akin..hahahaha). it's just i'm not comfortable in telling everybody that i got preggy (anyway, that's another story to tell).
    ako, i wasn't aware that i was preggy until the 3rd month. pero until now (am on my 6th month), i didn't experience any vomiting and stuff..hehehe swerte eh, mabait baby ko :P
    di nga sila naniniwala that am preggy kung di ko pa sasabihin..haha

    anyways, maganda daw palmers. pero i'm using EMU products :) they're organic, so safe naman. so far, i don't have any stretch marks, except sa legs kasi ewan ko ba normal naman daw un.

    try visiting venus& :)

  4. essensity is organic, i think that's ok with preggy ladies. :) i know how my mom was when she was pregnant ans she foloowed everything to the letter and yet there were more problems that they encountered. They call me a miracle baby or the stubborn one because i'm the only child that cam out alive and kicking. sad but true. i'm sure my other siblings would have been mabait than i am. but that was back in the 80's. so much ahs improved now kaya i'm sure you'll get by this with little to prob to undergo. just be strong for the baby and do everything for the little Jelly Bean. who am i to say these things eh i'm not mom yet.. hehehehe!

  5. Hi Ms. Frances!

    When my son was born, his pedia advised me to use white dove soap for his bath. Maybe you should try it too if your skin is drying. It's safe for the baby, it must be safe for you too!

    I can't suggest any beauty products because I'm not using those when I was pregnant. I'm too lazy to slather myself with skin food.

    Regards to your pregnancy Ms. Frances!

    -Nhe Abainza-Arinsol

  6. Hi Frances,

    As a first time mom, you can't help but be super paranoid about products and stuff. Books and websites also have a lot of differing opinions on what's good and what's not. Take caffeine, for instance. Some women forgo coffee but some studies say it's actually good for you in moderation. Me, I just took 1 cup of coffee which is my normal consumption. I've got three kids already and they turned out fine.

    Same goes for products. I didn't change my shampoo and soap (burt's bees) and I used my regular make-up products. I also continued to use moisturizing cream (i use La mer).
    After three babies, what I learned is that the mom's well being is most important -- you have to feel comfortable and happy. The things I followed are-- no alcohol, caffeine in moderation (coffee, chocs and soda), lots and lots of water and fruit, no medication except for paracetamol and take it easy on the salt. And let the hubby spoil you to death cause when the baby comes, believe me, you won't even notice that you haven't showered for the day. :D

  7. Hi Frances! This is Macmac. When I was pregnant, I also stopped using those creams. Sayang nga eh coz after I gave birth, tinatamad ako maglagay coz I when you're a new mummy, grabee, ang super busy mo nah that you tend to forget

    When I was pregnant, I had to quit my work and ended up on the net most of the time. Try to suscribe sa coz weekly siya mag email sa development ng baby mo and it's really very informative.

    Regarding sa creams, 3months palang ako nun, I bought nah the Palmer's Tummy Butter and the concentrated cream pra sa thighs, butt, etc. I was very religious on putting especially the tummy part. And it did pay off coz no visible marks talaga ang aking tummy, yung sa linea negra lng ang tagal mawala. Ofcurs, mag depend ito sa skin at sa genes mo. And ang npaka important is when you reach trimester kc tatamarin ka nah maglagay coz your tummy is soooo big nah at gusto mo lng matulog ng matulog the whole day at pag gising mo kakain na naman ulit. Kaloka talaga kasi sa 9th month na lumabas ang mga stretchmarks ko! Try mo the organic products sa palmers. And you can still use moisturizer and suscreen( Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide)

    Regarding sa dye, I colored my hair 1month preggy palang ako coz I dint know meron na pala baby tummy ko. Hehe

    Not all articles you found online are true. Although preventive siya but it's better safe than sorry dba?

    Congrats and Have a safe pregnancy! :)

  8. Hey soon to be hot momma! This is Lora :) Drink lots and lots and lots of water! I was way too lazy to slap on anything during pregnancy but my skin and hair were the nicest they ever were because of my water intake! never had manas or constipation because of the habit, too.
    don't think about stretch marks too much! my mom had tons of them (probably because she had 6 kids!) but i have few lang even if i didn't apply lotion or oil while pregnant. maybe the water helped too?
    you will be fabulous! i miss being pregnant! now that i'm just a regular mom i don't have that "glow" anymore! hehehe.

  9. I used Mama Mio products. They work great! Purchased them from Mama Mio's website - was browsing through the Net one day and found out that Jessica Alba and JLo used Mama Mio throughout their pregnancy. :-)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!