Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How I beat morning sickness

Of all the pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness is what I abhor the most. The nausea can be paralyzing--you don't want to eat, move, talk, watch TV or go anywhere far from a bathroom. I started feeling nauseous on the sixth week of my pregnancy. At first, it was just a bad feeling in the tummy and a slight dizziness, worsened by heat and smells. Then one day, the full brunt of it struck and I was bent over the toilet bowl in sheer agony, vomiting convulsively nearly all day long.

Because I can afford to stay home, I didn't really mind feeling this way. Especially since studies have shown that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. But I was afraid this pregnancy won't stay healthy for long if everything I ate came up and out even before I can digest those all important nutrients for Jelly Bean! So I immediately looked for ways to stop the vomiting.

I'm so glad then that I bought this Reader's Digest book a few months ago. It's called 1801 Home Remedies and it contains natural cures that I can find in my own kitchen! For morning sickness, there were many remedies but these are what I found most helpful:

Ginger tea - This spicy herbal infusion (also known as salabat) has long been known for being a cure-all drink. From sore throats to motion sickness, ginger tea seems to be able to soothe any ailment. I like how warm and slightly spicy the tea feels down my throat and in my tummy. And sure enough, just a cup in the morning and in the evening and my tummy stayed quiet. Thank you, Twinings!

Water therapy - Keeping yourself hydrated is important especially if you're losing liquids from frequent bouts of vomiting. But here's a wonderful thing: a glass of water every hour or so keeps the tummy calm! I sip water continually since I find a big glass of water heavy on my tummy and I don't like it sloshing about in there. Muchos gracias, agua!

Crackers - Preggy moms will soon notice that both an empty stomach and a too-full tummy can induce nausea. So it's important to keep snacking so that you're never hungry but neither are you too full. To prevent nausea in the morning (and I found that no morning nausea means it can be a very good day!), have crackers by your bedside. Munch on some about 10 to 15 minutes before you get up. Sometimes, my throw-uppy tummy woke me up at 2am and 4am and I'd just munch on some crackers and it will settle down. Thank you, Skyflakes!

Acupressure - This is the best cure! In the absence of salabat, a glass of water and crackers, a simple and steady pressure on the inside of my forearm (about two thumbs from the crease of the wrist) for about a minute and the nausea subsides. It's amazing!  Thank you, Chinese people!

Also, I'm just past 10 weeks so I do believe the worst is over. Thank you, God!

UPDATE: If you're one of the few women who experience nausea throughout pregnancy, do not use acupressure after the first trimester. Certain points in the wrist and ankle may trigger labor.


  1. how nice naman

    it's great that you have that mag & it really is very handy.

    kiss morning sickness goodbye because it looks like you are almost ready to party!

    much love to you & your jelly bean,hun

  2. lavender and chamomile aromatherapy works too! just don't apply them on yourself though...

  3. I , too, had horrible "all day sickness"..if it were not for sick sea bands I would not have survived my second pregnancy:)Feel better!

  4. I had miserable "morning" sickness too - all day long, all nine months of both pregnancies, so I feel your pain! Glad to hear the worst is over. Came over from MBC - thanks for your comment on my discussion topic :).


  5. Amazing how age old remedies still work no, and sometimes even better than the latest technologies too. yay!


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