Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How I found out about Jelly Bean

In mid-December, I was seriously suspecting I was pregnant. I had missed my period and I never miss a period. Because I've been on the pill forever, I'm super regular that I can even predict not just the day but the exact time my period will arrive (between 11:30am to 12 noon. Always!).

But the previous month being extremely stressful, I figured the missed period could've been caused by stress. Then I went up a cup size. Now I've been an A all my life and, at 33, this can't be late-onset puberty... and yet I dismissed it again as extra poundage caused by stress eating. But when I started crying at the strangest things and getting really tired and sleepy, well... I bought pregnancy kits. And almost fainted at the double lines! Positive!

Now, I've never wanted to get pregnant. I love kids! But get pregnant? Nope. I'm a sickly person with a really bad case of asthma and migraines so my days are filled with prescription meds. How can I survive nine months (or more if I nurse) without my drugs??? This is not a matter of dependency, folks; I really could die if I stop taking my medication so bringing a life into the world was a remote option for me since that meant I could very well lose my life in the process. So it was a HUGE relief when my OBG, Dr. Florante Gonzaga, told me my asthma medication (Seretide and Ventolin) was safe for this pregnancy. In fact, he said it was imperative that I take my asthma meds because I'm going to need strong lungs for this baby. For my headaches, well, it'll have to be paracetamol.

Well, now that I don't have to worry about staying alive, I can now get down to the business of getting excited about this new life inside me. Well, the hubby was unbelievably thrilled! And his incredible happiness at this unexpected development in our lives just filled my heart with peace... and anticipation! I now talk to Jelly Bean every day, telling him/her we can't wait to meet him/her and that the world is a big wonderful and scary place but that mommy and daddy are here and we're pretty darn smart and cool so he/she has a fantastic start in life. And oh what a life it's going to be!


  1. Yey! A mommy blog! Lavet! =)

    I'm relieved to read about this, the assurance from the OB, that is. I've been meaning to ask you about your asthma and the baby.

    Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride but I'm praying that it won't be too crazy for you not to enjoy it. We're with you praying and celebrating! Mwah! =)

  2. Oh, Jennie, right now I'm feeling down. But we're really looking forward to the fourth month! The books say the nausea will end by then and we're really looking forward to that!!!

  3. Hi Frances! I'll be following this blog as religiously as I've been following Topaz Horizon, even if I'm nowhere near being a mommy. :D I'm so happy and excited for you and can't wait to read all about your mommyhood adventures! :D

    I just have a quick question: you were on the Pill and got pregnant?

  4. Thanks, Dea! Yup, was on the pill for a million years. All these girls told me, "You'll have a hard time getting pregnant." My OBG said, "That's not true--the pill regulates your system so well, you'll get pregnant a month or two after you stop taking it."

    Hmm... seems like it takes less than that! I got pregnant when we weren't planning to!

  5. Again, congratulations! :)

    I was looking for this post, because I knew you were vocal in saying that you weren't planning on having kids. I'm happy to know that your medication won't put the baby's health at risk and the pregnancy won't threaten your survival (oh all pregnancy does, but at least not more than usual).

  6. hi! i've been away from your personal blog too long! congratulations on the baby! i love that you're blogging about your pregnancy. i seriously think you'd be such a cool mom :D

    i'm bookmarking your site now :D and i wish you well throughout your pregnancy.

    just to share,during my first trimester,the only thing i could eat was a mcdo cheeseburger meal! buti na lang my kid didn't look like the hamburglar or worse,grimace! haha :D


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