Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm using my beauty products again. Yey!

Okay, despite a lot of you telling me to go natural for the sake of the baby, I still believe in science. And science just told me that the skin is a barrier that prevents stuff from getting inside the body so topical creams are absolutely safe. I asked a chemist and a dermatologist and they agreed. Even my OBG told me a beautiful happy mommy is better than an ugly miserable mommy.

So it is perfectly safe for me to continue using the products that I've been using except for the following reasons:

1. My heightened and strange new sense of smell may make me averse to certain fragrances. So if a beloved cream/shampoo/lotion makes me feel like throwing up, then by all means switch to a product with a more pleasant scent or, better yet, go fragrance-free!

2. Vitamin A is good for the skin but research has shown that large amounts of it can harm fetal development. The good news is those large amounts need to be ingested (that means swallowed). Since creams applied on the skin have very little Vitamin A (found in products with Retinol), there's really no effect on the baby. But to be on the safest side, just switch to a cream without Retinol. As I do not use creams with Retinol, this is not a problem.

3. Stretchmarks are caused by rapidly expanding skin so keep the weight down. I truly believe I'm not going to get fat because my mom was super thin when she was pregnant (think Angelina Jolie or Nicole Richie). Besides, it takes me forever to gain a pound so gaining weight can actually be a problem.
    Alas, stretchmarks are also mostly genetic. So I can apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter, olive oil, Star margarine or what-have-you all day but if my mom had it, I most likely will. Well, my ultra-slim mom had tons of it so I'll be seeing stretchmarks soon.

So thanks to all of you who answered my beauty question here, on Facebook and via email. It's interesting how some of you just stopped using your beauty products. Ack, I cannot do that, not even for the sake of my baby! After all, all the experts told me if I'll be depressed throughout my pregnancy, that can prove to be more harmful to my child. I just want to say that I know a ton of other women who smoked, drank and took drugs (they didn't know they were pregnant) and still their babies are some of the healthiest, smartest, most beautiful children I have ever seen!

Don't worry! I'm not going to do anything dumb like that! But I'm just glad I don't have to be so paranoid now. All this fear from paranoid moms is freaking me out. I'm going to enjoy my pregnancy and I'm going to be absolutely beautiful while I'm at it! 

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  1. Oh, what a relief! I honestly do not remember using anything when I was prego (creams, etc). I still used makeup, or sure.I know I've used Olay Total Effects but I forgot if it was already available then when I was carrying Jed. One thing for sure, I started using Total Effects as soon as it was launched here. I loved their original formula. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I noticed that the moment they came out with all the other creams, I didn't get as satisfied w/the main cream anymore. Parang inferior na of sorts. Anyway, I'm going off topic already.

    You have the support of the experts! Your telling us, ladies, that there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to sticking with our beauty regimen, if in case we get pregnant, is something we all could make use of sooner or later. =)

    Lemme know if you saw the baby's heartbeat already ha! I've been praying. You can see it via the sonogram.The little waves will be your baby's heart beating. And if it's the right number of weeks already, you'll get to hear it via the doppler! It will the most amazing thing! (yet) And you're right, everything will all be worth it, when that comes.

  2. Hi Frances, my mom has zero stretchmarks and cellulite even after five kids (lucky, lucky girl), but I have both even if I've never given birth. You might get lucky.

  3. Try Clarins also. A lot of moms swear by it. I used that, as well as Palmers and Aquaphor (sort of like Petroleum Jelly, but only available in the US—I still use it for our little J). I don't have stretchmarks, and my mom doesn't have any, too! But I still applied them just to be on the safe side.
    Apply every after shower just to be sure :D
    Oh, and i stopped applying beauty products since day 1. Up until now, since I'm breast feeding. But I miss my beauty routine :( Maybe I should start again :D

  4. Hi Jen! Ya, I'm so happy to know I can still continue being kikay but I'm also paying attention to ingredients--anything too strong, powerful, smelly will have to wait till the baby comes out!

    Dea, I'm not so lucky sigh! I already have stretchmarks actually, not from the pregnancy, I have on my butt and things, saw them 10 years ago. I guess I'll have more soon then!

    StyleKit! I heard a lot about Clarins! How lucky you are--for not having stretchmarks and for still looking absolutely gorgeous even without a beauty regimen! Will check out Rustan's tomorrow. Soooo excited to shop for beauty stuff!

  5. Go go go Happy Mommy! :)

    I realize that I'm looking like a stalker right now, commenting left and right on your Topaz Horizon and blog , then here too. haha :)


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