Friday, January 15, 2010

Who's the baby in this house?

Tired, tired, tired. But can't sleep. Too gassy, too bloated, too uncomfy. I have so many things to do! There's the magazine, taxes, visits to my facialist and the OBG, chores, bills... I also need to announce the winners of two contests on my personal blog, Topaz Horizon. I just want to tell those who joined the OK! contest that I have some very very good news for you! I just haven't picked up the prizes yet so I don't want to announce anything yet! Super sorry!

So Mommy Frances has a ton to do but I'm happy. It's so strange. I kinda go about my days fussy, farty, burpy, weepy, sleepy, hungry, happy. Vince, the poor victim of my pregnant state, finally exclaimed, "Are you having a baby or are you turning into a baby?!"

Oh, sweetheart, don't you know? I'll always be your baby!


  1. hehe
    poor vince

    I guess he just have to get used to it. there are a couple more weeks before the morning sickness would pass (parang expert,no? XD).

    Hope you would feel better na

  2. LOL! Sounds more like you're harboring the 7 dwarfs than turning into a baby!

  3. Be the baby now; pagdating ng totoong baby, nyak! Wala na!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!