Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happiness is a loving hubby

My husband kept staring at me today.

Finally, just before dinner, he said, "You're pretty. We must be having a girl."

And now I and my Jelly Bean will sleep happy!


  1. Awww...this Vince of yours is very sweet. :) I must agree, you're very blooming in your pictures.

  2. sweet! :) i wanna get preggy na tuloy!

  3. I was just at that hotel over the weekend :)

    My hubby finds me sexier when pregnant. :D

  4. A guy friend told me once that his motto when it comes to marriage (and probably everything else) is "Happy Wife, Happy Me." I think Vince is also part of the men who believe in that. Your recent posts have shown how much happy you are with Vince and how happy he makes you and well, I think your readers are all inspired by that, including me :) Take care of yourself and Jellybean always =)

  5. yes frances, you look fab and pretty :)as always, pero lalo ngayon!

    question, ano ba gusto nyo ni vince? girl or boy?:)

  6. You're so lucky coz you still look stunningly beautiful despite of your present situation. I'm 4mos. preggy too but I'm not lucky as yours when it comes to skin coz I have a look like burned potato skin underarm and neck (parang puro libag...huhuhu)Then yong nose ko parang ng tomato sa laki...huhuhu....

  7. Awww, he's so sweet! You do look great, though! (from the pics). I, on the other hand, am only 7 weeks along and have already started the hormonal acne on my chin. *sigh*

  8. Thanks everybody!

    Shen, don't go into it lightly! Pregnancy can be tough!

    Appledumplings, then you must've seen the wedding! My hubby likes me preggy, too. Teehee.

    Superchuboink, GIRL! Pero kung boy okay rin. Basta rock star!

    Anonymous, go to a derma quick! Para ma-control at least. And I was also starting to bloat in my 8th week and my OB put me on a diet! I swear! The bloat died down and my face went back to normal.

    NanayniIsay, I had acne, too! Very bad, that's one of the many reasons I felt so low in my first trimester. So I finally went to a derma and now I look better!

  9. haha :) pareho tayo! girl din gusto ko, and girl naman bigay samin ni God :) yey!


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