Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hair color woes

I started coloring my hair when I turned 18. That's because I started getting tons of white hair at the back of my head when I was 15. It's a genetic thing--my mother's family are the salt-and-pepper type. Since I didn't want to be gray in my teens, I begged for hair color and Mama allowed me to do it at 18. So I've been black, mahogany, chestnut, warm brown, bluish black, red, strawberry red and even blond since then.

Me at Louis Phillip Kee's Greenhills salon last October

Obviously, I love coloring my hair! And since I've found Louis Phillip Kee in 2006, I have discovered the glory of highlights. I tell ya, folks, Louis is the best hair colorist ever! You have to be the adventurous type though to appreciate the many layers of colors he puts on your hair. The last time I visited Louis was in late October, where I had my hair colored bright red with blond highlights and dark red lowlights.

I love how vibrant that red is in sunlight!

Then I became pregnant in November and my husband has forbidden me to have my hair colored. Ditto with my OB. Now, I'm taking prenatal vitamins. I've taken vitamins before but my body's really changed with prenatals--my nails are so strong, for example, and my hair grows really fast now. That's great, of course, except that my roots are showing!

Me, Nicole and Red at Nikki's wedding yesterday

Now my hair is red, blond and 3 inches of dark brown. It doesn't look good at all! Of course everyone says, "That's okay, you're pregnant." And, just to assure y'all, I really won't get my hair colored till after I give birth, but... Don't I look weird???

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  1. I can relate. The whole time I was preggers, my blonde-ish roots were showing and it looked terrible. Actually it's not pala past tense---It still looks terrible. I gave birth 5 months ago but I still haven't gone to the salon! Yeah, I know terrible! Now naman my prob is I can't seem to squeeze the time for a trip to the salon. If I'm not hostaged at home by the baby, I'm stuck at work. Hay.


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