Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want to give birth here!

My OBG for the past 11 years is Dr. Rebecca Singson. Since she holds clinic in Makati Medical and Asian Hospital, my husband and I thought it might be better if we get a doctor in a nearer hospital. In our case, that'll be The New Medical City.

But then I visited Dr. Singson a few days ago when I found out she is now the chair of the obstetrics and gynecology department at the newly opened St. Luke's Medical Center at Global City... and this new hospital made my jaw drop.

The expansive lobby. It's huge! It looks like an airport terminal actually.

The coffee lounge offers free refreshments to patients and guests. Coffee, tea, juice and cakes. Free!

Free WiFi, too, and lots of reading material. No OK! magazine, though.

Art abounds! Like this Ramon Orlina glass sculpture:

Here I am at Dr. Singson's spankin' brand new clinic:

Dr. Singson was delighted to see me, even happier to find out I was pregnant. She's been bugging me to get pregnant since she diagnosed me with endometriosis 11 years ago. When she found out I was going to Medical City, she said, "Give birth here! You'll pay the same rates but you'll have a bigger room, your own private nurse and everything's new and better!"

Plus, and she forgot to mention this, she's there! And like I said, she's been my doctor for the last 11 years! Agh! What do you think??? Anyone here gave birth at Medical City? How much did you pay? Anyone here already going to St. Luke's Global City? How is it there? Should I go to a hospital that's better but 10 minutes farther than the one I already go to? Sooo many things to consider!


  1. hi frances, i enjoy reading your blogs, but is is my first ever post on the comment section. I gave birth at TMC. We're from Las Pinas, btw. I can send you a detailed breakdown of our birthing expense but this is back in 2008.

    happy pregnancy!

  2. Hi Frances! I gave birth at Medical City vi C-Section 2 years ago and paid around 120k. I think the rates depend on the kind of room you get. I got one of the smaller private rooms.

  3. I'm giving birth at the Medical City, Lamaze room. I'll share the experience with you.

  4. I gave birth in The New Medical City too. The rooms ARE small for the price, I heard, compared to other hospitals, though I don't quite know the rates. But I gotta say - proximity matters. My delivery was really fast - everything happened all at once, labor and delivery in 6 hours. So I was really really glad my hospital was just nearby. And though TMC isn't as big or as new as the new St. Luke's, it's still pretty big and new-ish still!

    Oh and if you do go for TMC, ask for Dr. R. Torres (sorry, didn't get his first name) as anesthesiologist. He was so great - I didn't feel a thing when he gave me my initial spinal injection for the epidural. I've heard horror stories from friends about how painful their spinal injections were.

    Oh, and Frances, whatever hospital you choose, inquire about their policies for the operating rooms. In Med city, husbands or any other companions, are not allowed inside the operating room - only in the lamaze birthing suites! And in some hospitals naman, you really need a lamaze certificate to use their birthing suites. in others, like tmc, you just need to reserve the lamaze suite.

  5. Since M and I were just starting out as a couple, we opted for the package rate in Makati Med which was 60k all in for a CS operation.(that's a steal) We roomed in S for a good start at breastfeeding)(which I reco that you do too!)

    I do love Medical City though, and would have chosen it there too. I had my surgical operation there (they removed my right ovary!) when I was still in College.

    Do you know that you can have one of the salons there send you a person to do your nails while you are checked in!?

    So, yes if it fits your budget, go for it!

    BTW, I really wanted a peaceful water birth but I did not prepare for it (I gained so much weight so that would've been out of the question!) Hehe I think they have that in Asian lang :P

  6. Thanks everyone! But I still can't make up my mind!!! =( Do I go to the nearer hospital or to the one where my OB of 11 years holds clinic?

  7. Hi Frances! I know this is out of topic but I'm just curious. I read before that you were always on the pill so how come you got pregnant? I actually decided to take pills after reading your blog, with Dr. Rebecca Singson's advise too. So are contraceptives not 100% effective?

  8. Hiya Diane! Yup, pills are super safe. Just make sure you don't take antibiotics and you don't miss taking a pill. I missed kasi... Okay, I didn't miss one, I kinda missed a lot! I was so stressed last November kasi, I kept forgetting to take. Ayan tuloy!

    Pills are also safe in that they preserve your fertility. A lot of people will tell you pills are dangerous, mababaog ka, etc. That isn't true. Pills regulate your period and your hormones so well that once you stop, you have an even better chance of getting pregnant. I'm proof!

  9. I live in Fairview but I'm giving birth in Medical City. Because of childhood prep classes, I now know giving birth is not like in the movies. :) Give birth where you feel comfortable. I agree with rooming-in and getting the baby latched on during the first hour after birth.

  10. if i were you, i would go to my trusty OB..hehe :) we wanted to change OBs sana kasi medjo di prepared sa gastos. Pero di bale na mahal dun sa OB ko, at least trusted na..hehe
    how much kaya jan sa St. Luke's Global City? i was supposed to cover there nung launch, kaya lang goodluck to me kung di ako maipit sa dami ng tao..hahaha :))

  11. your old friend GretchenFebruary 25, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    I just stumbled upon your blog... congratulations on your pregnancy! I was thinking of going to Dr. Singson at the Fort. Would you know if she specializes in infertility or high risk pregnancies? I've had 2 miscarriages already and I want to make sure I go to just the right one for our third try.

  12. Wow thanks for the photos of SLMC at Global City, I had no idea how it looked.

    Go where your heart tells you to. haha :)

  13. Superchuboink, I'm told Med City and St Luke's have the same rates. So... sa old OB ko na lang, no? Parehas din kasi gastos.

    Gretchen!!! Email me at

  14. hi!

    i gave birth in the new medical city sept 2007, via c-section, and it cost me around 135k, with discount from my OB. The room is just small private (without ref), and stayed there for 2 nights only. My baby's pedia was like 24k, anesthesiologist around 15k. These fees are already included in the total cost. What I don't remember is if it included my OB's fee and I dont want to dig up my files hehehe. But yeah, I think we spent 135k all in all. Oh, Medical City does not allow husbands while giving birth, only in the lamaze room.

    Please tell us how much it would cost in St. Luke's Global as I also want to give birth there too in the future. Thanks!


  15. the medical city is my client and i know that their rates are far lower than st. luke's. anyway, the rates for all the procedures, medical equipments, and supplies will depend on the type of room you are in.

    if you want to save money, consider giving birth in a not so high end hospital as long as your doctor practices there. parehas din kasi.

  16. Hi Anonymous, thanks for the tip. Really thought of TMC because it's nearer my house but was just released from Medical City this afternoon and I really don't want to give birth na lang there. Wasn't happy at all.

    I don't want to save money--why do you think I'm even considering St. Luke's??? Only the VERY BEST for my Jelly Bean (which we're planning to be our one and only child). Plus, you're right--my OBG of 11 years is there!!! So St. Luke's for us then!

  17. As far as I know the medical city has cheaper rates compared to SLMC. I think you should go there na lang, they have great doctors din there. SLMC kasi is, i think, a bit too much. I trust TMC kasi tlg, I gave birth there and I was really happy with the service they offered me :)


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