Monday, February 8, 2010

Pregnant pics!

As you can see, I'm not showing so much yet. Unless I spent the entire day eating, which I do. Since these were taken just before breakfast, no tummy yet. But by the time lunchtime rolled, people were asking to rub my distended belly.

Touching the tummy really really irritates me. So if you ever meet me, keep your hands to yourself! I have never done that to any pregnant woman. If I have, it was because some super happy mommy grabbed my hand and shrieked, "It's moving!" to my absolute horror. Nope, I have never found pregnancy beautiful or romantic so I'm pretty weepy these days. I think the reason is every pregnant woman I've seen when I was growing up seem to have made it their mission to look as unglamorous and unsexy and undesirable as possible. Thank goodness for Nicole Richie, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry and other celebrities who made pregnancy look like a red-carpet affair! Locally, I found Daphne Osena Paez to have been really beautiful when she was pregnant. Pregnant women, take note: You can look fab even when preggy! So now that I'm the pregnant one, I am making sure I look damn gorgeous!  

Here I am wearing a shirt dress. I won't fit in it soon (buttons will pop if I insist!). I am also wearing black support tights--perfect for when you want to prevent the dreaded varicose veins but still look stylish. If you're pregnant like me, there's no need to buy maternity dresses (at least until we're around 7 months and beyond!). It is my belief that maternity dresses must've been designed by people who hate pregnant women.

Yes, I am still wearing 4-inch heels. And I don't want any of you telling me it's a bad thing for a pregnant woman to do. I have noticed with great interest that only ugly, unfashionable women are the ones who tell me to wear flats and tent dresses and to not wear makeup. So if you dare leave a comment telling me I should retire the heels, well, I know what you look like!

Anyway, I love dresses in silk jersey--these hug the body's curves lovingly. This is me in my black silk jersey dress (sorry, forgot to take a full-length one but this has a full skirt). It has stretch so even as I am gaining weight around the boob and tummy areas, I can still look pretty. If you must buy maternity dresses, just browse end-of-season sales where you can get good clearance savings, then you won't have to spend a fortune on those ugly clothes! And accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I'm wearing enamel bangles with my Vita Fede leather-and-gold bangles. In my hair, my feather headband. Everyone said I looked pretty, and when you're pregnant, that's music to your ears!

P.S. Don't worry about the Coke, my OBG said it's okay to have one caffeine drink a day. It's usually tea but this one time, I had to have a Coke so don't crucify me.


  1. frances, i worked retail throughout carrying my second child. luckily for me (and you, too), i was small to begin with. also, tunics were in. so all i did was buy some cute bottoms (cannot wear leggings to work) and a bunch of regular sized tops ... still cute and also comfy. i did not really wear maternity clothes till the end. but, over here, we have a lot of cute and affordable choices from old navy, the gap, h&m, and even target. since i was the first one to get preggo with my group of girls, i passed on the clothes that i had ... unfortunately, i was so small, none of them fit in my clothes.

  2. "I have noticed with great interest that only ugly, unfashionable women are the ones who tell me to wear flats and tent dresses and to not wear makeup. So if you dare leave a comment telling me I should retire the heels, well, I know what you look like!"

    Ang sama-sama mo. Akala mo kung sino kang maganda at perpektong tao. Ito ba ang ituturo mo sa magiging anak mo? Ang manglait ng mga tao?

  3. Alam kong daramdamin mo yung nasabi ko. Sorry kung sumama man ang loob mo. Sabi mo nga ay emosyonal ka lalo sa panahon ngayon dahil buntis ka pero sana eh huwag namang maging matalas ang pananalita at ibunton sa pagbubuntis ang sisi kung bakit ganun ang mga sinasabi or ginagawa mo. Pasensya na at alam kong nakikibasa lang ako dito. Hindi naman ako nang-aaway. Ang sama lang yung sinabi mo talaga kasi yung mga taong sinasabi mong mga pangit eh ang intensyon lang naman eh ang tumulong sayo. Peace!

  4. Hi Frances,

    By all means, wear heels if you feel comfortable in them. I wore them till my third trimester and only quit because I was getting way too wobbly with the heels and didn't feel it was safe anymore cause my tummy got too big. Am not a fan of the regular maternity clothes too -- they are ugly. For my third pregnancy, I used mostly jersey dresses that stretch and the flowy sundresses with low necklines (empire cut of course) that Angelina Jolie was also fond of wearing. :D

  5. Hi Geni! Magkasya kaya ako sa preggy clothes mo??? But I'm growing bigger and bigger each day, my OBG even told me to stop eating so much =(

    Menchie, wow! Heels until the third trimester??? Me, I was thinking of wearing heels until I'm around 6 months along. I do have glamorous friends who swore they wore heels till the day they gave birth. But I don't think I'm that fabulous! Where did you shop for clothes? I think you're such a glam mommy!

  6. Bernadette, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion and I respect it. But, just so you know, I'm not an entirely pleasant person and I think it's obvious naman in this blog that I'm not happy-happy-joy-joy unlike all the wonderful women in the world.

    No, I'm not perfect. And that explains the stressed-out rant in this post--I'm not delightful and kind and sweet although I try every single frikkin' day to be so. But it's people like you who barge in and tell me what to do with my life that just really make this pregnancy harder to deal with so if I'm upset, it's because people should just mind their own business. Don't worry about the kid. I'll try very hard to be nice when it's finally here.

  7. sunmom...i didn't buy maternity dresses when i was pregnant too! empire cut tops and dresses were all over the place at the time, which made it convenient for me to use the ones i had pre-pregnancy!

  8. wow, okay din magsalita etong si bernadette ha! bakit, affected ka ba sa sinulat ni ms. frances? siguro natamaan ka dun sa "ugly and unfashionable" comment niya, no? masyado obvious ang hurt mo hahahahahahaha

    ikaw ang masama ang ugali! pinatulan mo ang buntis! i'm been reading ms. frances for a long time and mabait siyang tao. nahihirapan lang talaga siya sa pagbubuntis niya. tapos instead na magunawa ka, kung anu-anong masasama pa ang sinabi mo sa kanya. wala naman siyang sinabing masama! nagbigay lang siya ng observation.

    so ikaw, bernadette, ang maitim ang budhi. sana wala kang anak kasi alam ko na kung anong klaseng ina ka!!!

    go ka lang, ms. frances. i appreciate yung honesty mo.

  9. That's true, Melai. That Bernadette person is nasty, nasty, nasty. She doesn't know what Frances is really like (she's just honest, too honest for her own good!). I asked Frances about that nasty comment and she laughed, "Oh, I didn't get mad. She wrote in Tagalog so I had a hard time understanding what she said anyway. So it's all good!" LOL

  10. Bernadette (Bernie)February 8, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    @Melai: Wala po akong anak and no, I wasn't hurt at all. In fact, a lot of people say I look very handsome. Yes, you read that right. Bakla ako eh. Masaya ka na? Like I said, I found what Frances said mean and just like her I was just being honest in saying that she was mean. That's all there is to it.

  11. Okay, okay, tama na yan Melai and Bernie. Ako lang pwede maging mean sa blog na ito. Peace na tayong lahat, okidoki?

  12. eh kaya pala bakla kasi...

  13. In the interest of free speech, I have permitted distasteful comments on this blog post. But no more comments will be published from Bernadette and Melai and neither will anonymous comments be allowed.

    Only comments about preggy fashion will be allowed from now on. Let's stay on the topic, okay???

  14. Bianca, I'd like to get empire-cut dresses and tops, too, but my boobs aren't big enough yet!!!

    K, ano ba, nakakahiya naman you said that I have a hard time understanding Tagalog =( Yes, I do but I did really read what s/he wrote again and again till I got it and by then natatawa na ako kasi I felt so bobo already =D

  15. I enjoyed reading your post, Frances. And the heated comments. :) Stay pretty. When I was preggers, I was a whale, but I was a sexy whale. ;)

  16. Thanks Frances! I try! ha ha ha! I'm much too vain! As for the clothes, I shopped for the boot cut bottoms at Having a Baby and the dresses at Zara. I didn't like the empire cut tops because I thought they made me look bigger. Dresses with fitted empire style cuts (spaghetti straps were my favorite) are beautiful and perfect for pregnant women. They're nice and comfy and look good. :D

  17. Oh, Frances! When I was pregnant, I wore short shorts and matched them with a tunic or jersey dress. I wanted to look fab so I could get a nice compliment from others and it worked. I stopped using my moisturizer and toner but never did I foget to wear make up when I go out hehe. We have the same built, I think, so gaining a few or more pounds mean having a bootilious body!! You see, pregnany is beautiful. The more you think of beautiful things, the more you'll appreciate your body. :)

  18. huli ako sa balita! haha thanks for wishing me well frances, super bored na ako and my back hurts from lying down. i really hope me and boinky will be well.
    syempre i wish you and little Jelly Bean na maging safe always!

    i'm on my 29th week and naghheels pa din ako noh! hahahaha :)) my OB told me naman na there's nothing wrong with wearing heels, syempre wag lang madadapa..hahaha :)) and with the preggy look being "uso" and all, there's definitely nothing wrong if you wanna be fashyon. pag happy ka with how you look and with what you wear, happy din baby. hehe :) kasi if you're sad, feel din ni baby eh.

    i promise myself that i will never, ever wear those tentlike clothes..hahahaha :))

  19. Yes, TaniV, that's my goal--to be a sexy whale, too! =D

    Menchie, I think you're right. Empire-cut should be dresses, not tops. If it's cut too short, I'd end up looking like a whale is a tent!

    Marie, short shorts!!! Maybe I should do that, too. Right now I'm realy excited about my boobies =D

    Chuboink, ya, I'll wear whatever makes me feel luscious. Kung pwede nga, naked na lang!

  20. Owkay, I'm super delayed with reading these posts. Won't comment :) Except for the boobs hahaha...

    F, wait until you start breast feeding—they'll be gigantic! ;)

  21. stumbled upon your blog via dop's. i also didn't like wearing maternity clothes when i was pregnant last year. only bought some when i was on my 35th week (and i gave birth 3 weeks later! haha!). but i noticed that there's better selection nowadays, even at sm! so go on being one hot preggy mama! there's no reason not to (except for the lazy days).

  22. Okay this is a late post but I had to share one wardrobe item that pregnant women must have:


    Be it an international designer brand like Diane Von Furstenberg or a local one like B Maternity (Bayo's maternity line), these versatile dresses address so much of the usual pregnancy-related fashion woes!

    First of all, they're adjustable so you can wear them from your first to your third trimester (even after your pregnancy!).

    Second, they're very flattering to us pregnant women who want to hide our growing hips but flaunt our nice perky breasts (hihihi).

    Third, they're nursing friendly :) I plan to do pure breastfeeding so one thing I had to consider when buying clothes during my pregnancy was: can I easily pop out my "tetra packs" with that dress/top? hahaha

    I also don the usual empire cut tops, matched with pregnancy shorts from Havin' A Baby (they're the only maternity clothes I bought!). I'm more of a dress person though.

    I had some loose dresses given to me by my well-meaning conservative octogenarian relatives. Like you, I hate the tent-like look. In my opinion, the rounder/bigger you are, the more you should accentuate your curves. So what better way to make the most out of those loose dresses but to cinch them with nice belts? Instant empire cut and breast support hahahaha

    Before I end this comment (na parang mini-blog narin - sorry), I wanted to add one last advantage to wearing a wrap dress:

    It offers an easy and sexy way to "unwrap" your glorious pregnant body for your significant other ;) *giggle*

    "Hey baby, I have a present for you... want to unwrap ME -- err I mean 'IT'?"


  23. Hi! I just recently discovered your blog and I think we're gonna be great friends. Hahaha!

    Alot of people are also telling me to stop wearing heels and everything (Im not 8months preggy) and your thoughts were exactly what I had in mind! These people who are stopping me from wearing what I used to wear are unfashionable people! Hahaha!

    A lot of women think being pregnant is dreadful. You'll get ugly and everything. It's not because you're carrying a boy or a girl (mga kasabihan nga naman) but it's how you carry yourself.

    Wear makeup. Dress fashionably. Like how we all did pre-pregnancy. :)

    Sino ba naman gusto maging losyang diba? :D Hehehe!


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