Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love at first sight

Remember when Tom Cruise bought an ultrasound machine for home use when Katie Holmes was pregnant with Suri? Well, he was very much criticized for that and I agreed with the criticism. But now that I'm the preggy one, I wish I can peek into my tummy every single day!

When I was 10 weeks along (that would be four weeks ago), Vince and I got our first real look at Jelly Bean. It was no longer a bean! It was this beautiful human being swimming about inside me. It's our baby all right--all long limbs and slender fingers and toes. Yes, the scan was so clear, we were able to count! And it was stretching its little arms and legs and kinda waving at us, I guess. I cried in wonder. Vince was just beaming. Who'd have thunk it? We certainly didn't expect to be so excited to finally see Jelly Bean!

I guess I'm talking about this because I'm due to see my OB this week and I know that it'll just be a check-up--no ultrasound. And I'm a little disappointed because I want to see Jelly Bean again. I don't know anything that can be simultaneously sobering and thrilling as the ultrasound of a tiny baby. In your head, you're screaming, "Oh my God, I'm really having a baby!" and the scream is both frightened and joyous. It's far out actually. Yep, I'm scared out of my mind but I'm also giddy giddy giddy!

I keep telling Vince, "I wish I can see Jelly Bean every day!", especially on those days when I'm feeling really bad (usually after a date with the toilet bowl or after someone tells me, "You're not a pretty pregnant woman"). Seeing the kid happily swimming about in there, well, that just trumps the bad stuff.


  1. I remember that feeling - and it was the same, or even more so the second time. In first ultrasound of my younger boy he was sucking his thumb - adorable. Wait until you start feeling the jelly bean moving -that was one of the few things about pregnancy that was actually fun!


  2. Awww... I know how it feels, F! Sayang, we weren't able to chat much about this new stage of yours. I was asking a lot about everything from my mommy friends, and one of them suggested that I get an OB who has her/his own ultrasound machine, which I did. Oh well, on your next baby na lang hehe... ;)

    Don't forget to scan all the printouts of Jelly Bean, all the more if they're printed on thermal paper.

  3. Hi Frances! I can totally relate. I actually bought a device (forgot what it's called) in Rustans just so I could check the baby's heartbeat whenever I wanted. It's not as strong as a doppler which the OB uses but puede na. It comes with two headsets so your husband can listen with you.

    I also had ultrasounds done even if my ob didn't say i should because I wanted to check if the baby was doing ok, if my amniotic fluid level was normal, etc. Am really praning but it's because my eldest wasn't gaining weight na pala due to my pre-eclampsia and I found out too late (around 8 months na). So for my second and third pregnancy, I would have an ultrasound almost once a month. Didn't care about the cost as long as I knew my babies were doing ok.

  4. I would have loved to seen mine every day as they grew.

  5. hey, you're a pretty pregnant woman! and i love your outfit photos in your main blog. :)

  6. Hi Miss Frances!

    When I read this post, I remembered Finn of Glee while he was watching a DVD format of his "daughter's" ultrasound. Wala lang, parang ang cool lang.

    Wishing you and your baby the best of health. :)

  7. saw your blog link in chuvaness's comment box. congratulations! pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. i just gave birth 4 months ago to a baby girl. i too documented each phase of my pregnancy. my husband even made a birth video as a labor of love. feel free to check it in my blog.

  8. sorry wasn't chuvaness' blog, i saw your link in daphne's pala. haha. my bad.

  9. Peryl, I used to be freaked out whenever my pregnant friends showed me their moving bellies but now I can't wait!

    Stylekit, yep, am scanning away!

    Menchie, you're so sosyal talaga!

    Melissa, same here!

    Cris, thanks. Really! I get down sometimes when people say I've gotten ugly. Mean people are everywhere!

    Ria, thanks. I don't watch Glee, though. I'm more of a sci-fi gal though I hear the show's really awesome.

    Lootwagon, welcome to my madness! Will visit yours soon.

  10. i want to have an ultrasound machine na tuloy :( so inggit.
    am going to have my 4d ultrasound this week! wala lang, sharing lang :)


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