Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Expecting couple

This is me and Vince at my friend Nikki's wedding last Saturday. Everyone wanted to touch my tummy but because I've been so vocal about my aversion to tummy-touching, people were very very polite when they asked, "Your tummy is so cute. Is it okay if I touch it?" Said that way, how can I refuse? So I felt like a big Buddha with so many people rubbing my tummy reverently while Vince beamed at me proudly throughout.

(I wonder how Jelly Bean must've felt.)

So many people also couldn't help but comment on my new breasts. So I also felt like a sex object while Vince beamed at me proudly throughout!


  1. Haha... Men and boobs ;) A husband of a friend of mine said her boobs were "porno boobs." Wait until you start breastfeeding :o

    You look absolutely radiant, and not fat at all, F! Is the dress by Salsa Trends? :)

  2. i know how you feel about tummy-touching...i was already working at a call center when i was pregnant with my daughter and everyone coming in to work touched my tummy for good luck!

    another thing i didn't like was while i was pregnant, everyone was calling me "buntis", even those who didn't personally know me, even until i wasn't pregnant anymore... :P

  3. StyleKit, thanks! Yep, it was on sale, too. As in super duper sale so I got it for like P1,500 lang!

    Bianca, oh dear, everyone calls me that, too! "Buntis! Buntis!" Kainis! I always retort, "I have a name, you know." Well, better "Buntis" than "Panget!" or other bad words =P


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!