Saturday, March 6, 2010

Need to do some shopping!

I'm back! Sorry to not be updating this mommy blog (I've been busy with the main blog Topaz Horizon!).

Anyway, I spent a good few hours today going through my closet, trying things on and folding away the clothes that don't fit anymore. After the 35th item, I felt a little panicky: "These are a lot of clothes that don't fit!" I ended up storing away more than half my closet. You see, I'm a skinny girl so I wear clothes that hug my body because when you have no breasts, no hips and no booty, you wear stuff that's like second skin so that you don't look like a stick.

Well, I've gained just a few pounds since getting pregnant so I really thought I'd need maternity wear in my sixth month or so. But, here I am, 4 months along and clearly needing new clothes just because I now have breasts and a growing tummy! Actually, I don't really have breasts yet--at this point, underwear brands will laugh at my chest--but all my clothes are meant for flat-chested women so now that I'm growing a small cleavage, my tops are tight. Argh.  

Right now, I have around 10 pieces left that still fit. YIKES! And I think they'll fit me only until 2-3 weeks from now. This means I'll need to buy an entire wardrobe! Not exactly a fun prospect considering I want to save up for the baby. Big sigh!


  1. soon you might have to shop for new shoes too! what a perfect excuse =P

  2. hayy..exactly how i feel frances, i have loads of clothes that don't fit me anymore :( i'm kinda petite and skinny din kasi :P

  3. ah! glowing and you have got that adorable belly. Am praying for baby this year.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  4. I don't want to spend so much on buying new clothes cause I'd rather save for my baby's things and other expenses. But we can't help it I guess, our tummy will grow bigger as the months to come. My pants are getting tighter already :( It's a good thing I like buying t-shirts and loose tops, I can use them. But a no-no for me on maternity pants LOL! I won't buy them.

    When you get to buy new clothes, blog it ha. ;)

  5. hmm lookie at this maternity tee. :P

  6. Thea, argh, not yet! I haven't even used half of my shoes and I really don't want to have to replace them with a bigger size =(

    Superchuboink, let's hope we fit into them again!

    Denise, thanks! Hope your prayers get answered...

    Appledumplings, ya, I'll do a fashion post soon! Preggy fashion =)

    Anonymous, that's funny! I was actually thinking of doing my own t-shirt line that says the same things!


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