Saturday, March 13, 2010

Plans to save the planet just went down the drain

We sold our truck last year so that we can lessen our carbon footprint. Well, so much for saving the environment. With a baby coming soon, we're looking to buy a new car... and a truckload of new things.

Joanna advised that we'll need to buy a huge car. For the stroller, the car seat, the bottles, the milk, the diapers, the sterilizer, the everything a little person needs. My goodness, for such a tiny thing, it sure contributes to a lot of environmental waste! Oh, and by the way, here's our photos of Joanna's kid when Paolo was christened last December 5.
Bernard and Coni check out the little guy.
 Here's the chubby one!
Nikki, Joanna and her little Paolo, Coni, me, Kabbie and Lana

Joanna says that that baby carrier is the best thing ever. Well, I guess we gotta add that to the list of things to buy for the baby then. To be honest, there's no existing list yet. Even now, as people giddily ask what we're buying for the nursery and the baby, Vince and I just say, "Huh?" Nope, we haven't bought anything for the baby, except the camera--and that was on the to-buy list even before we got pregnant, so the Olympus EPL-1 is really for us not Jelly Bean.

But today we were at a car showroom and almost bought a car! At the last minute, we stopped ourselves and said, "We'll think about it," but we know we'll be back soon to buy anyway. I guess we're still fooling ourselves that we don't need a car for the baby.

Nope, not this one! That's a crazy car so we had to get a pic!

We're thinking of the new Mazda 2--cute like the
Jelly Bean, but in green!

It's kinda weird really, having to swallow all our drivel about being enviro-conscious: "The earth is overpopulated! Save energy! Stop using cars! Walk! Commute!" We really tried, folks. But we'll still try by breastfeeding, accepting hand-me-downs from my sisters-in-law, trying out cloth diapers, etc. And we really don't want to get the baby stuff--I think it can be done; after all, both of us grew up with few clothes, toys and stuff. And we turned out okay.

While we are not interested in getting anything for the baby yet, we have been talking about other things, like how I'm so excited to teach it to read and Vince is excited to introduce the kid to music and sports. I've also been concerned about our health care so I'd browse medical insurance quotes online sometimes. Vince, on the other hand, has begun wondering about good schools and tuition. We're very keen on the baby's education and welfare. But shopping for it? Not yet.

We figured we'd buy as we need, and I know every parent reading this is shaking their head and snickering, but if our parents were able to raise us with no strollers and fancy clothes and fab toys, I guess we can do the same with Jelly Bean, too. After all, Vince and I are very smart and sensible people. And we've gotten quite far using our heads. Right now, our heads tell us the baby shopping can wait.

Well, maybe we'll get the car anyway.


  1. Yummy Mummy Frances to be! :)

    You can do without the stroller, the bottles, the sterilizer, etc! I did because I just followed the natural path of babywearing & breastfeeding :)

    Well, not all mothers choose to because of their type of work but I figured I had the luxury to do this and didn't need all the bulk so instead of bottles/sterilizer/pump, I had my breasts. Instead of using the stroller, I had my arms & baby pouches or slings. So many ways to be green! :) Like you said, hand me downs and all... and our children will turn out fine! What really matters is the nurturing love that we give :)

  2. yes, definitely buy a car. what about a hybrid (is it expensive?)? we have a mini-van and a compact 4 door that get good mileage. it also is earth friendly, with the help of the bi-annual emmissions testing here (required before you renew your car registration). i've never had to commute with a baby but driving them around is already hard enough.
    as for the baby stuff, we learned the hard way the first time around. we registered for everything the registry guide suggested, only to return 3/4 of the gifts and take the store credit for future use. i would highly recommend the baby car seat (is it not required there? babies are not released from the hospital without it). they make strollers that it just sits right in which is so convenient when transporting a sleeping child and then shopping). the bugaboo craze is too crazy ($1000 for a stroller is mind numbing). our kids have inexpensive strollers because they don't know what is more comfortable than what they have anyway. although we do have 3 strollers (an umbrella, a regular stroller and a jogging stroller) because we have 2 cars and a sitter that comes over.
    i learned to take hand-me-downs as well. i did not do too well with my daughter, my first, because we felt we can provide her what she needed (and we are a little bit of a fashion snob that we only liked certain clothes for her). but with the baby boy, well let me just say that boys can wear anything. we still buy him cutie clothes but i am more biased with girls' clothes (they are way too cute). my poor son is a little deprived with the clothes so we try to buy with labels (ralph lauren, calvin klein, kenneth cole, burberry).
    baby shopping can wait. i asked that my baby showers be in the 8th month because i did not want to be bombarded with stuff earlier in the pregnancy. it accumulates right away and they are not all little stuff anyway. and the little stuff tends to amount to a big pile.
    i know this is a lot of information and i hope you don't take it as advice. i know that i disliked getting advice, the unsolicited ones, from people when i was pregnant. when friends ask me, i always tell them what i experienced, good or bad, and they can decide to go the same route or not.
    take the route you feel most comfortable with because no one else feels the same way you do.
    good luck and talk soon (through blog anyway).

    ps: i was a size 2 prepregnancy so all my maternity clothes are XS and S. my pants are all kindda utility looking and not too high on the fashion scale. i do have 2 maternity dresses that i used to go to day events that are cute. i can pass them along to you. and i wore heels till i could ;)

  3. Good luck on the car! Hubby and I have decided we're getting a "family car", i.e. a mini-van. I don't have a stroller nor did I buy bottles. I just invested in a really good breastpump. I have loads of hand-me-downs. I would wait till you have your slew of baby showers before you buy anything yourself. I'm sure loads of people would like to shower you with gifts!!

  4. Mommy Dharma, yep, I like to think we can do without all that. We live in such a small apartment so I really think we'll have to anyway!

    Mommy Geni, nope car seats aren't required here but we're definitely getting one! Actually, a friend already volunteered hers. Yey! And don't worry about the advice--I'm more gracious about them now =)

    Mommy Eli, we're getting a small car! The parking in our building dictated it--very narrow spaces! Yep, I'll wait till after the showers, too =)

  5. Hi Frances! Here are some green stuff we did with Paolo. Hope they help!

    LINEN NAPPIES. During Paolo's first three months, we used linen nappies on him during the day and diapers at night. Using linen nappies wastes a lot of water, yes, but I think the world's waste disposal problem is a lot more pressing than water shortage.

    On his fourth month, ikot na siya nang ikot sa bed so he'd pee on most parts of the bed! We didn't want to restrict his movements so we now put diaper on him even during the day.

    But then again maybe I'm just lazy. When I was a baby, my parents used only linen nappies on me till I got toilet trained!

    IRONING. During his first two months, we didn't iron his clothes to save electric energy. We'd hang his clothes inside our bedroom para di maalikabukan.

    But since he's an atopic baby (he got my super dry skin and his dad's asthma so he's easily prone to skin allergies), his pedia advised that we iron his clothes no matter where we hang them.

    WASHING HIS CLOTHES. All his clothes are hand-washed.

    BATH. During his first three months we'd give him a bath only in the morning. But because of his super dry skin, his derma advised that we give him a bath at night, too. Well, not really a bath; we just pour water on his face and body.

    DRINKING WATER. We buy sterilized water; no need to boil. It's doctor-recommended and I believe them. Haha!

    It's hard to be green when there's a baby at home. We do what we can but if we have to choose, we choose our baby's immediate needs over the environment's. Sounds wrong but at least I'm honest. Haha! Good luck Frances. You guys are going to be great!

  6. wow! that's a rather long list. i was a reluctant first-time parent so i just bought my little one a sparse wardrobe. we bought and brought just one(!) receiving blanket with us to the hospital and poo ended up on it so we had to make do with a towel! haha! those were the days but now i'm slowly making up for it.

    we don't have a carseat, stroller we decided to get one but i'm using the saya (sort of a sling) more, and crib was from my hubby's parents yet since we cosleep, my baby scarcely uses it. now she's 8 mos and doing rather well even without all these things and a yaya ('m her sole caretaker). i'm sure you will too. :)

  7. I agree, it is a bit hard to be green when you've got a baby. But, with a little extra effort, you can minimize your carbon footprint. It's nice that you are considering the impact of your choices on the environment, when so many other parents are simply apathetic.

    - Jane


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