Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update at 17 weeks and 6 days

Well, the dismay I felt in the first trimester is gone. Because all the horrid symptoms I felt are now also gone! Hooray!

And yet... now I'm worried. Because despite all the nausea and vomiting and headaches that made my life hell, those were also the exact same symptoms that reassured me that the pregnancy was healthy and going well. In fact, all the pregnancy books said that the worse the morning sickness, the healthier the pregnancy. So even though I was feeling bad, I was also feeling good. Did that make sense?!

So now I'm very alert for signs of movement. I'm supposed to start feeling "butterflies" or "bubbles" from this time to around 20 weeks. I've felt bubbles definitely and exulted... then I burped or farted so I guess that really was just gas, not the baby. Argh! I am so impatient to feel Jelly Bean start moving!

What else? Well, my tummy is quite distended now. Which attracts even more belly touching. I don't mind it so much anymore, though. I kinda beam happily at belly touchers now (as long as they ask permission first!) since they are all filled with wonder.

What I am wondering about now is I can't seem to be gaining weight. Remember when I complained about piling it on? Well, apparently that was just a lot of gas and fluid. Because now that I'm eating healthier (still not as healthy as my OB wants), my weight gain has slooooowed down. The good thing is I look great; the bad thing is I'm extremely worried about getting enough nutrients to Jelly Bean. I'm eating enough, taking my vitamins, drinking my milk, but the needle on the scale won't budge past 115 lbs. I'm gaining about a pound a week when I should be gaining 2 lbs a week.

A fellow editor assured me that her friend is just as thin as me and only gained 10 lbs her entire pregnancy. Everyone was so worried but the baby came out fine at 6 lbs so her friend didn't even need to worry about losing any weight at all. The point there is I shouldn't worry but I can't help it! And I really don't want to eat more--I'm already eating a lot. If I ate any more, I'd be eating for four and that would just be wrong.

How about you? Did you gain a lot? Or not much? When did you feel your baby move? What did it feel like?


  1. I lost 14 pounds on my first trimester then gained 7 on my second. I didn't start gaining weight again till 7 months into my pregnancy, 3 pounds, then 4 pounds. So, I didn't gain weight at all, but the baby is already close to being 6 pounds and I'm only at 32 weeks! Don't fret. Just keep eating healthy and be happy. I closed all my pregnancy books. I got most of my reassurance and confidence for my pregnancy in childbirth prep class. Do take one!

  2. Don't worry too much, F! How much have you gained so far?
    My friend gained about 15lbs as well, and baby came out fine (6 lbs) . In 10 weeks, the baby was all filled up pa! Like a Stay Puff Marshmallow man haha...
    I gained about 40lbs, and that's almost exceeding the limit. And gave birth to a 6.1 lb. baby boy. He's now 8 months, and our pedia said that he has the weight and height of a 1 year old!
    So, don't worry too much. I really think it's in the genes, and what you eat. Not by how much you've gained. The regular ultrasound check will help you keep tabs on how much Jelly Bean has grown, too! That's what's important :D
    Look at me and my friend, I gained 40; she gained 15. And our babies' weight and height are almost the same. Heck, her baby is even chubbier haha...
    As for baby movement, I felt it close to my 5th month. It will really feel like butterflies or meron kumakalabit sa yo from inside (freaky ba?). It will be a very intimate experience between you and Jelly Bean, and Vince will surely be jealous. So, reassure him that he'll be able to feel Jelly Bean by the 6th month :) Enjoy the ride!

  3. I actually had to read my own blog to remember when I first felt little pod move. It was 16 weeks and 6 days. But that wasn't frequent :) You will feel your jellybean move real soon! :)

    One of the things that I am still trying to learn about being a mommy is patience :) Our little ones will do what they want to do WHEN THEY WANT and not when we want or what the book says :) I have read so many books and articles over the net and sometimes it make me koo-koo! :)

    What did it feel like? :) like a tiny jab or flutter :)

    And I gained around 21 pounds :) Its hard not to worry because its a mommy thing... i think :)

    Enjoy your pregnancy! Don't forget to slather on tummy creams ... just so you will not regret not doing anything to prevent stretchies! :) Do creams actually help? Maybe... maybe not. :)

  4. Hello! Don't worry! :) I only gained 19 pound throughout my pregnancy. As long as you're eating healthy and your OB says you're OK, don't worry about the weight gain (or the status quo). Some people actually think it's OK to gain only a few pounds and give birth to a small baby. You'll have an easier time giving birth and it's easy to make the baby chubbier -- especially if you breastfeed breastfeed breastfeed!

    Blog when you first feel JB move, ha. We're excited for you! Oh, and you're lucky you still have clear skin. My acne was UNCONTROLLABLE when I was pregnant.

  5. I'm going on my 15th week this week. So far, I've gained about 3 lbs pa lang. I lost weight during the first trimester. And same as you, the nausea, vomiting were also my signs that my pregnancy is going well. I feel the same way as you! I feel good but I'm also worried! But I still can't eat alot, I don't think I'm gaining weight but my tummy is starting to show.

    Do tell us when Jelly Bean starts moving! I can't wait for my little one's movement too! :)

  6. i was 97 lbs. pre-pregnancy and ended up at 147 lbs 3 days before my daughter was born. at 20 weeks, i had only gained 9 lbs. which made my doctor worry a bit. but i packed it on and had an 8 pounder a day early from her due date. with my son, i just gained 30 lbs since i kept some weight on after the first one. my doctor said that it is normal to gain a pound a week after the 20th week until birth.i guess that's they say pregnant women gain an average of 25-35 lbs throughout the pregnancy
    i, too, was very anxious to feel movement. i think it was about 23/24 weeks when i felt movement. it was weird and fun ... especially when they had the hiccups. my daughter was really calm and my son liked to kick! sometimes it would happen at work when i was working with a customer and i would have to massage my tummy because it hurt!
    looking forward to hearing more about your experiences ... and sharing mine with you as well.

  7. Thanks, everybody! I feel better now. =)

  8. congratulations on your pregnancy, frances! :) I haven't been able to visit my favorite blogs in a looong time, and yours is one of them. I'm happy for you and vince! looking forward to reading more about your (mis)adventures!

  9. i only gained 15lbs frances, and i'm about to give birth next month :)
    si superchuboink super magulo na ng 5months, up to now. feeling ko nga parang lalabas na sya sa tummy ko..hahaha :))

  10. France, do not fret. Some talaga do not gain that much weight during the first half months, and then pack it on during the second half. I actually envy you, hahaha! Cause I gained soooo much weight by the time I did my first check-up last 1st week of Feb. I think it's the vitamins. When we see each other, you'll be surprised just how much weight I've gained in a span of 1 1/2 months.

    Just keep eating healthy and for sure Jelly Bean will be healthy too. = )


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