Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Part 2: A tour of St. Luke's Global City's maternity unit

In this second part, let's check out the rooms! I'll have to give you a heads up--my photos were hastily taken so they don't really do the rooms any justice. Anyway, so now that mommy and baby are safely through with the birth, these are the rooms St. Luke's Global City offers them:

The regular room:

I wish I had asked for official room measurements. But this room would be the same size as Medical City's deluxe room already. Except that the bathroom is much bigger (sorry, no photos of the bathroom--my husband thinks it's not nice to post toilets on my blog). And there's also a refrigerator. And WiFi and a flatscreen TV and DVD player! Oh, and I just want to say that that bed is soooooo comfy!

The deluxe room:

This room is quite big. It has a huge closet, a bigger TV with DVD player, a La-Z-Boy, a refrigerator and a sitting area. Oh, and WiFi again! Sorry, I can't help myself--I'm such a blogger! The bathroom is very similar to the one in the regular room but a bit bigger.

The suite:

Well, this is bigger than most condominium units in Manila! There's a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. In the private room, there's the comfy bed, a huge flatscreen TV with DVD player, WiFi, La-Z-Boy. There's also a desk with a computer and printer. I know you're wondering why this would be in hospital room but when I was recently confined, Vince saved my sanity by bringing his laptop! I didn't get to see the bathroom! But we were told it was very big and nice.

That's it! We're pretty impressed with what we saw. Believe me, it looks so much better in poerson! We like their philosophy of mommy-daddy-child bonding, their focus on breastfeeding, the spacious and fully equipped rooms, and excellent and professional service. We really were blown away by the service. They treat you so well!
Vince with Marielle of Customer Service and 
the super polite and sweet nurse
at the living room of the suite

We are, of course, aware that it's a bit on the expensive side but, hey, if we're going to do this at all, we might as well do it right. And it's not like I'm going to give birth every year... or maybe ever again. I'm kinda old at 33 and this may be my only time to ever give birth. I'm totally cool with that, by the way. Remember, I'm that girl who never dreamed of getting married or of having kids. I'm glad that the marriage is working out very well but we think one kid is more than enough. So since we plan to do this just once, we're pulling out all the stops! Time to save up! 

You can go to Chuvaness' blog for more photos of St. Luke's Global City.


  1. i applaud your decision to not skimp on the facilities for the birth of your child. there's so much going on at that time that a great hospital would definitely help ease your mind during the experience.
    my experiences are similar to yours. the way i picked my ob-gyn was to take a look at what hospital they were affiliated. we were also very lucky to have great medical insurance coverage for both births that we were able to choose to go to the best.
    for my daughter's birth about 9 years ago, we chose the hospital first then looked at doctors that was part of that. at that time, only one hospital had newer facilities with birthing rooms. i loved it! as soon as i was checked in from the triage, the room where i had my labor was the same room where i delivered and stayed with our baby until we were released. i did not ever had to go out of my room for anything.
    with my son, it was the same experience but in a different hospital (my old doctor was not practicing obstetrics anymore). i was always ready to do it again after because i was lucky enough to have good birthing experiences (both normal delivery without epidural).
    good luck and i'll keep following!

  2. ang ganda! nalula ako sa price! haha. when i gave birth to ananda almost 2 years ago, i also asked for a higher category room simply because the CR is bigger and nicer. im such a bathroom person. i should say, if you can afford it, go for the suite. nothing beats being comfortable on those days when everything's aching :) you and the baby's worth it.

  3. Geni, ya, after the recent hospital fiasco, we just want to give birth in peace. So yes, it will cost us more but sometimes peace is worth it!!! Anyway, I picked my OB first--she's been my gynecologist since I was 22! She's expensive, though, that's why we went to a different one. But I just felt so strange with a new doctor when I have a perfectly good one who's seen me through years and years of endometriosis, yeast infections, UTI and all sorts of crap! =P

    Kaith!!! Nakakalula talaga. Medyo nahilo nga ako nang sinabi sa akin yung presyo haha. For St. Luke's, though, we'll just ask for a regular room--kasi the bathroom's big already! The suite is fab but nah, we can't afford it!!! Okay na si Jelly Bean sa regular room kasi yung regular room ng St. Luke's, parang suite na ng ibang hospitals!

  4. kaya yan, Frances. :) I'm sure the Jelly Bean will be having a fun time in St. Lukes. :) I remember nung bata pa ko lagi ako sa St. Lukes (QC) nakaconfine. Back when there was no Medical City or Asian Hospital. And mom would always choose the suite room. I think I wanna giv birth here as well in the near future. I gotta start saving na rin and making sure my body can hold up normal delivery (para mas mura!). hehehe!!

    glad you're doing well. and good luck.. ilang months na lang.. :) excited na me!!

  5. Hi Frances!

    St. Luke's Global City looks fabulous! I wish my OB practiced there but she only has clinic at the old St. Luke's. Just wanted to give you my two cents regarding hospital choices. Apart from the obvious facilities like the rooms, wifi, bathrooms etc, another important aspect that most first time moms overlook is to ask about Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or the NICU for short. I was lucky both times with my first and third pregnancies when I had complications that St. Lukes has a fantastic NICU facility and very very good Neonatal doctors. These are where newborn babies go if there are complications. Now of course no one wants to think about having complications at birth but a friend of mine learned this the hard way when she gave birth and her baby swallowed some meconium while in utero. This gave way to complications and the hospital she gave birth in had only 1 respirator and it was being used. They had to transfer the baby to another hospital with equipment. I did not intend to scare you or anything and I'm assuming that the global city's NICU is at the same level as the old st. lukes. But just inquire about it and ask your OB about neonatal specialists that are available. Not all pediatricians are neonatologists who know how to deal with newborns with complications. It just doesn't hurt to be sure about these things.

  6. Shen, ya! Nung nalaman ko rin kung magkano, sheeeet! Napa-exercise ako nang di oras. Need to strngthen my body for the normal delivery!!!

    Menchie, yup! They don't have a nursery but they did show us the NICU. It looks like a scary place. Well, it looks like a scene from a movie--all hi-tech equipment, people in scrubs, tiny baby cradles, everything in white and glass... amazing. They were very comprehensive in telling us about the NICU kasi nga they don't have a nursery because ideally, all babies should be in the rooms with mommies. But in case something goes wrong, they showed us the area where they care for the poor infants. And they said, "We hope we never see you here." Amen!

  7. Oh, wow, ang mahal palang manganak, I had no idea! But looking at the pictures and your stories, I think it's really worth it. :D Plus, your visitors will enjoy the place, I'm sure you'll have a lot. :D

  8. Anon, mahal talaga kaya hindi ko alam kung bakit ang laki-laki pa rin ng population ng Pilipinas!!! I'm just halfway through the pregnancy and ang laki na ng gastos. My gas!

  9. Go go go Frances! It's really costly, but I'm sure it is all going to be worth it. Nakakatakot lang tuloy when it's finally my turn. Sana mag upgrade sila ng maternity section sa St.Luke's QC.

  10. hi Frances, among your articles on St Lukes BGC, this is my favorite. I got a few laughs (ex. mahal, bakit ang laki-laki pa rin ng population ng Pilipinas). Also, which I can relate the most (your last paragraph). I'm 34 already, and just newly married. So baka in 1 to 2 years pa ko papayag to conceive with hubby.

    Napa-google lang ako about St. Lukes cos we were just there yesterday to see an OB who I previously consulted with in UERM. Good thing I stumbled upon your blog. Very helpful, thank you so much! I also was really impressed with the facility, sabe ko nga sa hubby parang hotel! I couldn't help but compare it with UERM, MVMC, and TMC. And naka-wifi ata yung whole place ha! Syalan!

    The info that you gave about babies rooming in with mommies is very helpful. Sana when it's my turn, I would also have the option for the hubby to be in the delivery room with me! As you say, blood, gore, and all! haha

    I love the points you and the other ladies raised, that you should choose an OB you like, and that you shouldn't skimp. Makes so much sense!!! I also feel one would be enough for me. So you're right - pull out all the stops!

    Reading your blogs, now I am leaning towards St Lukes, in due time of course haha :)
    Again, thank you so much!
    ~ Z


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