Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pregnant pics at 6 months

This week officially marks my sixth month of pregnancy. When people see me, they tell me one of two things: "Your tummy's so big!" or "Your tummy's so small!" The tummy is never just right!

In these photos, taken yesterday before I went to media events, I wore my Gingersnaps t-shirt dress with an Infiniti bib necklace and Kenneth Cole purple peep-toes. I love my entire outfit! The dress is great--it really shows off my belly bump! The shoes are love--pretty, attention-grabbing and, most important to a pregnant woman, very comfortable. The bib necklace is fantastic, though a bit heavy, but it did have everyone ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it. And it's a great piece for getting people to talk about something else other than the size of your tummy!

Even though some people say it's small, I do feel very stretched already and, having three more months to go, I'm a bit petrified at the thought of getting even bigger. I have such a tiny body! I'm not worried about getting fat, mind you--Vince, bless his heart, thinks I'm a sexy pregnant woman so I'm grateful my husband still likes me in that way. What I'm worried about is not being strong enough to carry this baby!
The OB agrees that I'm small but assures me that Jelly Bean is big for his gestational age. That's good then. My only problem with that is I really really really want to do a normal delivery (because a CS operation is so frakkin' expensive!) and, with a big baby, I don't think that's happening! Yikes!

*For more preggy fashion tips, go to my Pregnant Pics at 5 Months post.


  1. Hi Frances!

    You look great! I'm in love with your shoes :D Preggy women should never shy away from heels I say :) (I did though when I was pregnant but that's because I trip even while wearing flats so I was just being careful haha)

    Take care!

  2. Ooh thanks, Neva! You're right but I wear heels rarely these days. Or I'll wear flats and tote along heels for events (you just sit and stand there anyway so no big danger). Take care, too!

  3. I love seeing you in heels! It's a winner, well I so miss wearing my killer heels... then again I have to be very careful as I have a delicate pregnancy. But seeing your pics make me want to like okay go on and you can do it... It's not for my sake anyways its for the baby.

  4. you're glowing! i love it! :) deadma na on the comments about your tummy. as long as jellybean's a-ok and growing, yun na yun! :)

    and i love your shoes!! i'm still searching for the perfect purple shoes for my church wedding!

  5. Ang ganda mo, F! And I loooove the shoes. I can't wait to get back to work and buy expensive shooooos!

    Ako din, I find some pregnant women sexy. Not that I want to be pregnant soon, hehe.

  6. Hi Frances!

    Been reading your mommy blog since I got preggy last March. i would've guessed that your baby is a girl by looking at your pics. What are you eating? How come you're not gaining weight? Me, I'm always hungry. I avoid ice cream and other sweet desserts. I love eating rice in every meal but in moderation (1/2 cup every meal) But I feel I'm gaining weight. I also got hospitalized last March bec of Pulmonary Embolism. Right now I'm having injections 2xz a day to avoid the deadly blood shower during labor.


  7. Anon, oh, if you're having a delicate pregnancy, just take it easy. Mine's not delicate at all so I just go along as I please. Well, not all the time...

    Haze, haha, I know! No, I don't feel offended with the comments. More amused actually! The shoes are from Kenneth Cole! So comfy--perfect for brides! Buy buy buy! They come in gray, black and green, too. I almost bought the green. Purple and green. Mardi Gras colors!

    Rachel, these were on sale so they weren't expensive at all. Lucky me!

    Kelly, I really don't gain weight. In my 33 years, I've always been stick thin. My OBG is horrified at my diet--ice cream, lots of rice, meat and fat, bacon, burgers... So she put me on a diet!!! Vegetables, fruit, fish. So I'm having an even HARDER time gaining weight because now I eat healthy. And healthy food just make me hungrier--it's not as satisfying. Sigh. But I still sneak in evil food every day. Yum! Take care!

  8. Hi Frances!

    You got the pregnant glow! :) I don't think I got the glow though lucky me, my husband thinks I'm also a sexy and pretty pregnant woman. I'm 5 months pregnant now and I can definitely feel my tummy and skin stretching. What annoys me is my officemates who notices what I eat, and says with a tone "Pwede ba yan sa buntis?!" Argh! I know I have some cheat days on food cause like you I like meat, carbs and all that. But I know what food I can or can't eat. A few more months and you get to see your jellybean! And I get to see my little bun too. ;)

    Btw, I like your outfit here :)

  9. love, love, love the shoes! and you look so fresh on your 6th month!

    the other half of my first name is frances too :)

  10. i'll never get tired of saying na talagang ang ganda mong buntis frances! :D
    i looooveee your shoes!! :D

  11. You are the chic-est, prettiest girl -- pregnant or not! I find it hard to think it's already six months cos you looked fit last Tue. :) I like everything in your outfit, F! Take care always!

  12. The shoes are indeed ♥! Your skin looks fabulous.

  13. Dumplings, you're a lucky woman to have a hubby like that! As for the food bit, nakakainis talaga!!! Parang lahat ng tao biglang expert sa diet, diba? One time I was eating a Snickers bar and this stranger went up to me and said, "Misis, maawa ka naman sa dinadala mo. Dapat healthy lang!" Shet, I wanted to mash the chocolate in her face!!!

    Domesticated, I've never met a Frances I didn't like! I owe the fresh look to a cold shower and a good foundation!

    Chuboink, thanks! Hey, di ka pa nanganganak!?! Excited na ako makita baby mo =)

    Tee, thanks! It was soooo nice to finally meet you!

    Dea, thanks! That's a good dermatologist and La Mer foundation because my skin is actually spotty because of pimple scars!

  14. ang gandaaaa mo, promise! :) you're such a glowing, happy pregnant woman. and so chic too! i love the heels and the necklace, very royalty ang dating ng purple. hehe. 3 more months!

  15. Thanks, Kaith! Three more months indeed! I'm scared and excited and impatient and... haaaay, stress! =)

  16. hi frances! you're a very pretty mommy-to-be! love your shoes. when i was pregnant, i made the extra effort to look good because i don't want anyone saying "are you having a boy?" =)

    you're having a boy but for someone who doesn't know, i'm sure they'll guess you're carrying a girl.

  17. Thanks, Leslie! Actually, I got tired (and offended) from all the "I'm sure it's a boy. You look so bad!" comments so I dragged my pregnant ass to the derma, the facialist, the salon and the malls for some serious pampering. It's so rude, diba???

  18. But there's also satisfaction in people saying, "You must be having a girl!" and replying with "Actually, it's a boy." Diba? Hehe.

  19. Hi Frances, you're a pretty mommy-to-be!
    I just want to say, if you're planning to have maternity pics, schedule your shoot around your 7th month. That way, you can still move around for poses. I had mine around my 7.5th month. And those little devils called stretchmarks did not appear until my 8th month.

  20. Eli, YES! And congratulations on your wonderful new baby!!!

    Maqui, thanks! As for the pics, I don't know. I like taking photos of myself but not professionally. I get stiff and freeze. So maybe just me and the hubby will do it =)


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