Monday, May 3, 2010

I've begun looking huge!

I'm now on my 25th week of pregnancy. That's 6 months. And finally, my tummy has distended to the point that I am truly, undeniably preggers!

I'm wearing a Miu Miu for Prada silk dress with a thin black velvet ribbon paired with Nine West slingbacks.  I wore this outfit to the Pond's Dear Diary TVC launch.

Yesterday, Vince and I went shopping for clothes because I can no longer fit into anything in my closet. I was going for comfort, he was going for style. Yes, it's actually the hubby who's stylish. In fact, the first few years of our relationship, he was coaching me on what to wear! Leave me alone sartorially and I'm bound to reach for t-shirts and jeans and flip-flops. It's Vince who's gloriously into shopping for fab stuff.

Anyway, Vince wanted me to get these tunics in aquamarine, psychedelic stripes and tie-dye. Very boho-chic. And a little beyond my budget. I told him I'm off to Gingersnaps because there's a sale. After a very long while trying on stuff, I ended up with two gray dresses and two pairs of leggings for when I finally exercise (my OBG insists I walk 30 minutes a day... ack!).

Vince is a little disappointed that I've succumbed to maternity wear. But I'm going to show him and y'all that the dresses may be drab but with a little styling (like huge accessories and fab shoes), I can still make pregnancy look great!


  1. it is true that pregnant women have a certain glow in them..

    look at you especially in the 2nd pic!
    you're smile is soooo adorable with you cradling your baby/tummy

    i agree with what you said..a cheap ensemble can look chic with the perfect accessories... i remember the title of the program that i once watched before...shabby chic...i actually like it!

    sorry if im not able to leave comment on every post but i surely read even made me giggle when you said that you miss your belly button. as what you said, a couple more months & it will go back to normal.

    hope you'll have a great week,hun!

  2. as always, you look like you had a big lunch lang when facing front.. kainggit coz my tummy looks bigger than yours.. hehehe!

    i totally love this empire type of dress and it seems to work rin even if you're not preggy.

    you make pregnancy look easy, frances.. :) thanks so much for that!

  3. I love your dress, Frances! You look great!

  4. you look great! empire dresses really work well!

    i also bought a bunch of shapeless dresses when i was pregnant. very versatile! i still wear em now and i simply just slap on a belt to add shape. hehe.

  5. Awww, you still look great. I've always liked this stage when you're so obviously pregnant and can wear whatever you want versus looking like you had a big lunch. The only time I could wear a bikini was when I was pregnant. :D

  6. Thiamere, let's hope it does go back! Sabi nila malamang hindi na. Oh well! Ganyan talaga!

    Shen, ya I bought this dress 2 years ago (and I was definitely NOT pregnant then) and it really looks nice even then!

    ADiego, correct! That's what belts are for! =)

    Menchie, ya! I prefer it now when everyone knows I'm pregnant whereas before na nagkukunot yung noo ng tao and di na alam kung busog lang ako o ano hahaha. As for the bikini... I'm not there yet!

    Thanks, Parenting and Anna!


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