Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommies are suckers. Big time.

Mommies, do you sometimes feel that baby brands are taking advantage of you?

We'll always try to give our children the best that money can buy but as I was looking through baby stuff online and at the malls recently, I can't help but be shocked at how much things cost. How can a breast pump cost more than my laptop? How can a crib be P95,000? My fantastic dining table with wood from New Zealand and chairs lined with leather don't even cost that much and I'm going to use my dining table and chairs for years and years and years. The crib? Maybe two years at the most! There's just no logical reason why they would price that crib that much.

And yet we'll buy the stuff anyway, right? I dunno. I just feel like salespeople and stores are banking on our love for our kids and ruthlessly taking advantage of our love to make themselves rich. A saleslady gave me a list of things I absolutely need for the baby and I zeroed in on VHS tapes. "VHS tapes? Why would I need those???"

Argh. If there's anything I hate, it's being stupid. But now that I'm going to be a mom, why do I feel I'm being had and I'm going to let them go on doing it anyway?


  1. I refused to give in. I relied a lot on hand-me-downs for a lot of the newborn stuff and bought just a couple of new onesies for 0-6 months then the rest for when he's bigger na. So many people lent me their stuff also - cribs, playpens, sterilizers and strollers - and then there's the stuff people will give you for your baby shower. I always say, shop after the shower!

  2. I refuse to give in too. As much as possible, I would want hand-me-downs rather than new ones because we don't know once the baby comes out, if the stroller, crib, playpen would be used to its max capacity. Sayang kasi. But every time I see cute baby stuff, parang I want to buy!

  3. Ya, you're right. Our own parents didn't need a gazillion things when they were raising us. And I'm also relying on hand-me-downs.

    It's the hubby who wants brand new stuff =) He's so EXCITED! It's adorable and exasperating at the same time!

  4. babies grow up so fast you don't need to spend so much. hand me downs are perfect, especially for clothes! if you are planning to breastfeed, a good breast pump is a must though. and a sterilizer. baby bath tub and swaddling cloths. i think that's all you really need at first. and for the mom, breast pads and nipple cream. hopefully you get those from your baby shower. everything else, its better to buy as you go. you don't know what you need until the baby comes.. its different for every parent. in north america, its great because we have craigslist to buy second hand stuff and we can return items to stores within 30 days usually. so big advice is, buy after the baby comes. especially the big ticket items like stroller, cribs.. etc. its much more fun that way too, you get the baby to try it out. :)

  5. Hey Frances! Sometimes lang, it's not a question of giving in, you also have to consider safety especially in car seats. They do not recommend second hand car seats as they may not work when you need them to.

    My second used the eldest's crib but I had to buy a new one for the youngest since the crib got damaged when someone borrowed it. But I was able to score a wooden crib in Rustan's which was imported from Denmark at the very cheap price of 10k. What's more, it's convertible to a toddler bed so baby can use it till she's 6 years old.

    But shopping after the shower is good advice. I also know a place you can buy onesies (for pambahay stuff) at a fraction of the price in dept stores. let me know if you want the address.

  6. this is true. sometimes it makes me feel guilty if i don't buy my son and just use his cousin's stuff. pero some baby thing are really expensive and we have to be practical.

    sometimes we would chant this to ourselves over and over again "be practical, be practical" but when we see cute items that are irrelevant to our baby's growth, we would readily snag it just bacause of its "cute factor". :-)

  7. So wait after the baby shower, buy when the baby comes and try not to give in to marketing =) Thanks, mommies!

  8. Hi Frances! If I can contribute something here that I'm absolutely sure of, it's that you SHOULD NOT buy a Diaper Genie. I asked one of my uncles to buy one for us from the States because I was told that baby poop odor will drive you crazy especially if you live in a tight space. My titas and friends and website feedback-givers swore by it, but after actually having a baby, I learned that:

    1. Baby poop doesn't smell AT ALL while a baby is exclusively breastfed; and

    2. Even after introducing solid food and the poop starts to smell, you cam simply use a covered trash can and you're all set.

    PLUS refills are expensive.

    So now the Diaper Genie is just sitting in a corner in our bathroom.

    Good luck!


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