Monday, May 17, 2010

Thinking of shopping again!

If you've visited my husband's blog lately, you'll know that we have an exciting new gadget in the house, which is driving the Third World Nerd crazy happy. He's so cute really.

This, of course, means we should slow down on the purchases with the impending arrival of Mr. Jelly Bean. Actually, that would be "purchases unrelated to babies" since I just got a list of stuff we supposedly need for a kid and that list is mighty long. I've already looked at how much things cost and am seriously upset.

For example, an Avent electronic breast pump is about P13,000 here, but if I buy from the US, it'll just cost me $140, or P6,200. Same goes for a lot of baby stuff--they're cheaper from online shops so I guess this means we'll use Johnny Air again.

We really really love Johnny Air! I think from now on, we'll buy our things from the US because Johnny Air ships absolutely anything and everything for an inexpensive shipping fee! We've already bought books and toys and gadgets and we really love the service. Although, we bought small and light stuff so maybe for big stuff, like a new HDTV, we'll have to get from here!     

So there. Must save money now. And yet, I still want to buy this yellow topaz ring I saw in a jewelry shop last week. It's been haunting me every day! And we also saw these cute puppies for sale from Project Lightning!
Awwwww! Cute little critters! I can totally see my son with a beagle! Vince wants Jelly Bean to own a dog. Research has shown that children who had pets were more responsible, healthier, more compassionate and--this is the interesting part--were less likely to get pregnant/get someone pregnant out of wedlock. Well! That's a good enough reason for me! Thing is, we live in an apartment. With a rabbit. So maybe we'll get a beagle in 5 to 7 years' time, when we'll maybe live in a house with a big garden!

*breast pump photo from Philips online shop. Puppies photos from Project Lightning's Facebook page.


  1. those puppies are too cute!!!

    ay sobrang mahal naman ng breastpump na yan! I have no idea how much mine is, as it was a gift. I used the Medela electronic breastpump and it worked quite well naman.

  2. cheaper talaga baby bottles in the US. we bought dw's avent BPA bottles at baby depot. converted to pesos nasa 300 na lang sya per bottle as opposed to 900 each here :-/ grabe lang!

  3. frances! interesting! you actually got me into checking stuff online na nga e. and yes, it's cheap but shipping irregular or bigger boxes like stroller or playpen via johnny air is gonna cost a fortune. it'll be based on volume/size if it will be higher than the weight! boo hoo hoo! anyways, the medela's (pump in style advance) the best and reliable brand and the one i'm asking kristine to bring home from the u.s. is highly recommended by my friends who are working full-time moms and breastfeeding their babies 100%! this should be suitable for us mommies to be!

  4. Hi Frances!

    I've been thinking about shopping lately too! I just checked the Avent Double Electric Breastpump in Rustan's. It costs a whopping 32k, while at amazon, it costs about 10k more or less. I'll be buying in the US too and ship thru Johnny Air! :)

    Those puppies are too cute! :D

  5. Frances, get the Medela pump. It's the best. If you're going to buy from the US you should also look into buying on Ebay or Craigslist.

  6. If you're going to buy a pump, go Medela. It's simply the best.

  7. Hi Frances, you may also want to check out online sellers like

    I havent bought any item from them since most of our imported baby stuff are gifts but i know some people who did and are happy with their purchases.

    And oh, you may want to hold off your shopping until you have your baby shower.

  8. Pinky naman kasi, bakit ka naman bibili ng gahiganteng gamit tulad ng stroller at playpen??? Sa shipping pa lang, ang laki na ng bayad mo so dito ka na lang bumili! =)

    Shucks, ladies, I'm getting so stressed with all the expenses!!! I refuse to shell out 32K for a breast pump. No way. Medela man yan, Avent o gawa sa ginto. Hindi siya tama! Grrr!

  9. hey frances!
    i used the avent pump for both my kids. i actually used the manual because i just wanted to breastfeed while i was home after birth. i weaned them off after i went back to work. also, i did not want to spend too much money on a breast pump without knowing how long i was going to need it for.
    i still have my avent pump, if you want it. pm me thru facebook and we can make arrangements to send it. if you are interested in medela, i think my friend might be selling hers soon....

  10. hi frances! check out my friends site, she's selling breast pumps and has tips for breast-feeding moms:

    kel :)

  11. Hi Frances! So did you buy online nga? I'm planning to use USA2Everywhere to ship the stuff I want to buy from Walmart, but I want to know also about your experience with Johnny Air. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Buy what? The breats pump above? No, I bought Medela from eBay Philippines =)

      As for Johnny Air, we LOVE it! We buy tons of stuff from the US and use Johnny Air. Let Vince tell you about it: =)

    2. Yup, the breast pump.:) I'm on my second pregnancy and it's only now that I disovered that these are FAR CHEAPER abroad than in the Philippines. I thought konti lang ang diperensya!

      I used Avent for my first baby and since sanay na ako dun, I'm gonna use it again.

      Thank you and congratulations on your second baby! He looks a lot like his kuya.


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