Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is one big reason why I love being pregnant!

Last week, I was craving for something sweet. My friend Mariel makes the best carrot cakes in the world. The world! So I tapped away on my Facebook status that I wanted to eat her carrot cake. Of course, there was subtle manipulation there--it was my teensy weensy hope that the public request will make her make me a cake!

Et voila--it worked! Mariel instantly replied, "Must never deny a pregnant woman!" And this week, she presented me with--not a slice--but an entire round rich carrot cake slathered with sweet cream cheese frosting!!!

Mariel, I've eaten half of the cake already all by myself. I'm so greedy! Thank you for loving me!

To my readers, you have got to have Mariel's carrot cake. It's sinful! Just go to her blog All My Sugar and drop her a message there. Warning: If you're on a strict diet, then this cake will put an end to that nonsense!


  1. Eating anything and everything I wanted was the craziest part of being pregnant. Enjoy it while you can!

  2. Ooh! Thanks, Neighbor! :) So glad to hear and read all of that! I like the end-to-that-nonsense warning hahaha! And thanks for recommending to readers!

  3. wow!! i had that same craving the other day..and i just settled with Dome's carrot cake, pero since I'm a carrot cake lover, I might try out your friend's carrot looks so yummy!! kaso I've gotta watch my sugar din pala since I'm 24 weeks preggo na rin :) teehee...have a safe and joyful pregnancy :)

  4. Lucky to have a sweet friend. Friends really come in handy especially when craving for something when you're pregnant. =)

  5. Actually, Rone, in my case, I CAN'T eat anything and everything I want while pregnant. I preferred it when I wasn't preggers--that's when I can really indulge. Now, I have to watch my diet because my OBG doesn't want me to get diabetes/high blood/fat.

    Anonymous May 21, get Mariel's carrot cake!!! YUMMY!!!

    Badet, yes, I'm very blessed to have such sweet friends, considering I'm not as sweet to them!

    Mariel! Thanks again. The cake is finished! Super sarap!!!

  6. you are so loved :) it's such a blessing to have loving and generous friends.

  7. Yes, Roxy! I'm really grateful.


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