Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Behind the scenes of Judy Ann Santos' shoot for Smart Parenting

Run, run, run to your nearest magazine stand and get a copy of the July issue of Smart Parenting! Pregnant Judy Ann Santos is on the cover and I wrote the story!

A month ago, the Smart Parenting team and I trooped to Rustan's Makati to interview and shoot the star. Back then, she had just turned 5 months pregnant and I was 29 weeks along (now I'm 33 weeks preggers). I mentioned the assignment in a post here but didn't dare talk about it because we didn't want the photos to leak. But now that the issue's out, all systems go!

I found Judy Ann, or Judai (yes, with an "i" not a "y") as she prefers to be called, a real star. By that, I mean she guards her privacy well. Sure she was talkative enough and was warm enough but I felt a wall that I just couldn't break through. I don't mean this as a bad thing--I've been in showbiz media long enough to know who's still dazzled by their stardom and thus tend to carelessly chat away, and then there are those who have been stars long enough to know just what to reveal and how to reveal them. They have learned to carefully manipulate their image. Judai is exactly like that. She knew how to deftly brush off questions that were too probing and she knew how to skirt issues that might be deemed controversial. Very savvy!

Because I was writing the article for Smart Parenting, I was okay with how the interview turned out. But as editor-in-chief of OK! magazine, I had hoped she would reveal more. Well, there was this one question that took her by surprise and for a moment there, she looked like she didn't know what to do, but then the star in her took over and she managed to safely answer it.

Here are some shots I took:
The beauty team of hairstylist Bren Sales (left) and makeup master Juan Sarte (right, partially hidden). Juan really brought out Judai's eyes--which are just lovely, beautifully fringed and a deep brown.

Me with stylist Ria Francisco-Prieto and Smart Parenting editor-in-chief Mia Fausto-Cruz. In this photo, Ria had just given birth to her second son. Just look at how tiny she is!!!

While Ria and art director Jen Inumerable arrange the room, Mia and photographer Paolo Pineda (not in photo) discuss angles and poses.

And here we go! Judai is a professional all right. Once the camera starts clicking, her eyes go soft, her posture changes, her smile speaks to the person beyond the camera... Every shot is perfect.

Meanwhile, Mia's son, Bastin, is bored silly! Yup, photo shoots can get boring. People think it's so glamorous but with all the details ("Arch your back," "Fix that lock of hair," "The toy truck in the back is too red," "The dress blends into the background," etc), most bystanders soon lose interest. Anyway, I love this photo--it looks like a Peanuts comic strip!

For more behind-the-scenes shots, go to Smart Parenting's website now. Warning: I look ugly there! But that's okay--you should be looking at Judy Ann, not me!

Do also get a copy because my dearest darling husband wrote the most wonderful letter to our Jelly Bean. That man I married is just so talented with the written word. I hope the Bean takes after him!


  1. Judai looks so pretty! I wonder what she's eating. Are there lots of nice baby stuff in Rustan's Makati? :)


  2. Read the July issue of Smart Parenting to find out what she eats!

    Or sasabihin ko na nga dito! Karne. Yun lang daw.

    Lots of nice baby stuff in Rustan's!!!


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