Sunday, June 20, 2010

Check out these fun totes!

One of my blog readers, Kel Chan, sent me these fabulous canvas bags. One has a ferris wheel print and the other has a gorgeous tropical leaf print. I love them both, especially the ferris wheel because Vince and I fell in love while we were up on a rickety ferris wheel in Baguio a lifetime ago.

These bags are from Funtote, a bag brand based in New York that Kel imported for us Pinays to enjoy. Kel says, "I imported tote bags from Funtote New York because I'm such a big fan of eco-bags. I know many women are fond of tote bags, too, especially when doing shopping. Eventually, we'll be minimizing the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and department stores and use these durable canvass tote bags instead."

Kel's right--these bags are made of good quality canvas, very thick and sturdy. The straps are wide so they don't dig into your shoulder, too. Kel suggested, "You can also use these tote bags as your diaper bag just like what one of my mommy clients did. They're durable and don't tear unlike other baby bags." Well, Kel, I think I'll do just that!

I also love how each bag is roomy--a standard throw pillow fits inside easily--and has numerous pockets. I love pockets!

Another thing that Kel knew I loved is anything ladybug (it's my special love and luck charm!) so she also sent me this cute wristlet!

Thanks, Kel! And to my dearest readers, do check out Funtote New York. There are many many more designs to choose from. Click here to shop!

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