Monday, June 21, 2010

Loving our new baby books!

Oh oh oh! I am so happy because my blog readers love my baby! This time, fellow mommy blogger Aimee Aquino-Diego sent us such a lovely package with one of my all-time favorite things: books! 

These are very nice! Your Baby: Month by Month is for me and Vince and Baby's First Journal is for the Jelly Bean. As you can see, my Mozarella bear wants his own journal, too, because this uber adorable scrap book has space for things like...

... little hand prints and foot prints...

... a family tree...

... party pages...

... art pages...

... and more! I can't wait to fill it up! First things first, though--we need to come up with a real name to emblazon on that scrapbook. Everyone calls my son Jelly Bean and I don't think he'll appreciate such a doinky name when he's finally out in the big world.

The other book is most helpful. Written by a pediatrician, it details every little thing a bewildered and overwhelmed parent would need to know, from the time the baby is born...

 ... to the first few sleepless months...

 ... and finally to the first birthday!

We love our new books! Thank you so much, Aimee! These are most appreciated and I've already started reading the month-by-month guide. It's very informative and completely understanding of a parent's new situation. Obviously written for sleep-deprived people because the book's so easy to understand. And lots of pictures, too!

To be honest, Vince and I are a bit surprised to be getting such lovely generosity from complete strangers but a lot of moms and dads tell us that babies really do inspire love and warmth from people so thank you everyone!

Your Baby: Month by Month and Baby's First Journal are available at all Fully Booked branches.


  1. The book by the pediatrician looks like a must-have book for new parents/parents-to-be. Yay for the Jelly Bean for getting his first (?) scrapbook too!

  2. Yes, first book! I think it's sooo adorable that he gets to have a book of his very own. Perfect gift for the kid of writers =D

  3. You're very welcome Frances! I'm glad you like the books!

  4. Hi Frances! Can we include a link of this post in the website? ? :-)


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