Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mother packing!

Well, I was gone for a while. But that's because our Internet was down for a good few days. Then when the connection was up again (thanks to The Third World Nerd who tinkered with the settings himself because Globe's customer service sucks!), I updated my other blogs Topaz Horizon and Beauty For A Living first. Anyway, I've been catching up on my reading of baby books (most of which were given as gifts) and preparing for the big day!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow. The clock is a-tickin' and I am almost in panic mode. Almost... but not quite! I know I should get ready but I really feel so relaxed still. Vince is the one getting really antsy about the birth and the baby. He's really cute even though he's nagging me about yayas, renovations, baby shopping, questions to ask the OBG, etc. Me? I'm just, "Okay, dear!" But it's really taking me forever to get anything done!

But, thanks to my friend Kristine Claudio-Baradi, I've gotten started on the baby shopping. 

Having two little girls herself, Kristine was very helpful in pointing out what I need, what brands are best, what I don't need, what I should really buy and what I should just wait for others to give, or even what products I should just wait and see if the baby needs them before I buy. Thanks, Kristine!

That's Pinky Jacob-Ileto (the other pregnant woman!) and Kristine with her eldest Cassandra. Kristine and Pinks have been my friends since our grade school days in Assumption. We see each other every year or so and, though it's so rare we meet up, we adore each other. I thought it was so cool when Kristine introduced us to her daughter as "My bestest friends since we were little." I can't wait to say the same when my little boy finally meets these two special women!

Anyway, back to packing! I found a really useful list from Manila Mommy. She compiled all the possible things mommy, daddy and baby will need for the big day! It's pretty long so I guess I better start packing. Vince has had our suitcase ready for a couple of weeks now and it's still looking forlorn and empty! But, tomorrow I am 8 months pregnant so really must pack because we've got a few more weeks left and then it's showtime!


  1. I checked out the list. If you're rooming in with the baby, bring more clothes. The first poopie that comes out is a bomb and you might need to change his clothes with every diaper change. Bring several receiving blankets and towels for baby too. I brought too little and had to get stuff brought in from the house! I didn't realize babies could be so messy from day one!

  2. Oooh my! Yes, we're rooming in (St. Luke's Global has no nursery since their policy is all babies room in, except those poor sweethearts that need to be in NICU). So more stuff for the baby. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for the link, Frances! :) Very helpful! I'm starting to buy baby stuff too, but I don't know how many of each (like the tie-sides shirts, etc. and what size, kasi sabi nila baby grows fast and tend to outgrow their clothes fast too) to buy. Maybe you can share your list too? Thanks!! :)

  4. I can relate to you Ms. Frances, i gave birth last year on my 38th week i think and i only started packing our bags at around my 35-37th week.

    with regards to the list from Manila Mommy, you can also bring extra in case you need to extend your stay at the hospital. I delivered via CS so we stayed for 3 days at the hospital :)

    and yes, it helps to have the baby's name ready before the big day so that when the records department of the hospital starts to process the birth certificate, you wouldn't be in a hurry...


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!