Saturday, June 5, 2010

My current Facebook status

Yep, finally had that 4D ultrasound. Almost didn't want to because it's really expensive when you have it done at St. Luke's Global City. I got some tips from moms who said that (a) it wasn't necessary and (b) if I must, it's cheaper to do it at mall places like In My Womb. But no, we didn't want to go to Megamall and fight for parking and the crowds, so we had a very peaceful (and almost hour-long) viewing inside my tummy.

Vince is beyond pleased his son is über cute. The Jelly Bean is quite chubby already and he has his daddy's nose and toes. He also has Vince's usually serious expression so the name Jelly Bean just won't cut it anymore. We need a name as serious as this baby. We already have a very short list but we want to meet him first before we give it to him. Just a few more weeks! Soooo exciting!

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