Sunday, June 6, 2010

NIVEA Baby loves my Jelly Bean!

I was soooo excited when I saw these on my office desk:

Inside the bags were these goodies:
That's a box of wet tissues; bottles of milk lotion, milk wash and baby oil; and a tin of the iconic creme that's been the beauty secret of women everywhere--my grandmother said this was her one and only beauty must (well, this and red lipstick!). This last item is for me and my ever-expanding tummy; it's supposedly a fabulous stretch mark preventer.

Plus, NIVEA also sent us a DVD of everything we need to know about taking care of our little boy once he gets home:

There was a very sweet note from Jackie de Vera, too, but that's private so I won't a post it here. I do want to say thank you with all my heart to Jackie and all the lovely people from NIVEA. My husband and I have been huge fans of NIVEA for years (especially Vince!). And now, our baby will join the NIVEA family, too! So cute!


  1. your job is the coolest... you get to receive so many freebies :)

  2. I do enjoy the perks of my job but I like to think this package was sent with love!

  3. my gosh! jackie lim is also a good friend! we met last year when we spent our euro honeymoon together as a tour group! small world! i even got samples of nivea baby products! hehehe! can't wait to use them!!! :)


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