Sunday, June 6, 2010

OK!'s surprise baby shower - Part 1

Last Friday, my staff threw a surprise baby shower for me! I was soooo surprised and happy! This was when I walked in the door. They told me I had to wear the bunny ears!

Here's the mastermind--Lana Chan, OK!'s managing editor. Thanks, Lana! I had an inkling you were up to something kasi every time I talked about baby showers and baby stuff, your eyes would shift away. But I never ever thought it would be as fantastic as last Friday's shower!

The surprise would not have been possible without the lying and sneaking around these two women did. Now I understand why Mariel Chua-Jimenez and Nicole Delos Angeles were so weird! Mariel seemed nervous and Nic seemed annoyed. I almost wanted to go home because I was getting weirded out by them!

And here are my wonderful friends from work (most of them from editorial, some of them are writers and stylists):
(From left) Kate Alvarez, Mariel, Nicole Bulatao, me and Nic

(Counter-clockwise from me) Me, Nicole, Coni Tejada,
Kabbie Rodriguez, Joanna Tuazon-Mendoza, Elaine Natividad,
Mariel, Tisha Alvarez-Angluben and Jen Inumerable

I'll update again soonest with all the crazy things that happened! Stay tuned!

*all photos from Lana's Facebook album.

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