Monday, June 7, 2010

OK!'s surprise baby shower - Part 2

Last Friday's baby shower was beyond amazing. The production behind it just blew my mind away! So my last entry was all about how Lana and Co. had to go through all sorts of subterfuge to surprise me. This post is all about the games!!!

The first game was Make a Diaper Game, but since we all agreed that no one will post pictures of those, you won't get to see any! Basically, it's a team of two: One gets to diaper the other with toilet paper in 2 minutes. Whoever ends up with the most diaper-looking creation—and that diaper has to stay on despite wiggling and dancing—wins!
Coni Tejada and Jen Inumerable won!

The second game was Fertilize Me. It's like a Pin The Tail on the Donkey game but this time each blindfolded contestant gets a sperm and she has to stick it onto the egg in the uterus. Nicole Bulatao won!

The third game was Suck the Bottle. Contestants get a baby bottle each and first one who finishes hers, or has the least amount of liquid in it after 2 minutes, wins. Coni again won! But, if I must add my opinion here, I think all the bottles should have one type of liquid only—one had OJ, the others milk, soda, chocolate milk, etc. Coni's was just water. I think the consistency and flavor of the liquid affect the results. Ack! Sorry, I'm being such a nerd here!

The fourth game was Scrambled Letters. Here, Joanna Mendoza explains that all these scrambled letters make up words that pertain to pregnancy, motherhood and childcare, and the contestant who can come up with the most words in a minute wins. I tell you, those words were hard! I think I was able to do four words!
Nicole Romero won!

The fifth game was Diaper the Baby. The group was split into two teams and it was basically a relay race. Elaine Natividad explains the complicated things each team member must do. It was complicated because we were all not moms so we didn't know how to change diapers! Guess who made her team lose? ME! Uh oh!
I'm very bad at diapers!

Me with the winning team!

The last game was the super fun Preggy Belly. The objective of the game is to be the last woman standing with a pregnant belly. That is achieved by dozens of balloons—all you need to do is have one balloon under your shirt/dress. But for that to happen, you have to steal or pop the other women's bellies! This was definitely a scary game because all the contestants were fiercely competitive! They attacked each other like maniacs!!!
The winners were Nicole again, Elaine and Coni again!

My goodness, those games were amazing! And the props and planning involved... WOW! Kudos goes to Joanna and Elaine. You can make a career out of this! The party was spectacularly successful because of those games!

Later, I'll write about the gifts! Watch this space!

*All photos from the Facebook albums of Lana Chan and Elaine Natividad.


  1. Um, love Fertilize me. Hilarious! On my list for future baby showers.

  2. Ya, that game made some of us ask again and again, "Is this a baby shower or a bridal shower??"


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