Monday, June 7, 2010

OK!'s surprise baby shower - Part 3

And here we have the gifts of my fabulous friends! After all the sneaking around, the booking of the hotel, the procurement and production of props for the games--really, ladies, you didn't have to get the baby gifts anymore! I was already very happy with the party! So thank you super for your overflowing generosity!

Mariel Chua-Jimenez baked us a caramel-covered chocolate cake.

Kate Alvarez gave the Jelly Bean a Baby Bugs Bunny outfit! Cuteness!

Kabbie Rodriguez didn't forget me and Vince! She gave us personalized cups for those inevitable sleepless nights and zombie days.

Coni Tejada gave a Baby Gear checklist book--it has dozens upon dozens of lists a child will need from infancy to toddler years. Must definitely need to browse this as I haven't gone shopping yet! 

Grace Estorco-Fernandez gave the Bean an adorable bath towel with a hoodie (super soft!) and socks that look like shoes, like loafers in fact! They are sooooo cute!

Everyone else pitched in for the mighty sterilizer! Wow! Love it love it love it!

I had so much fun! I never realized baby showers can be this fun. I always thought that they'd be cute but wild and wonderful? Not at all until last Friday's shower! So that's how you hold baby showers! Then again, I am fortunate enough to have crazy friends. They are a wild bunch indeed and I love you and appreciate you all! Thank you from me, Vince and the Jelly Bean!

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*photos from the Facebook albums of Lana Chan and Elaine Natividad.


  1. wow... daming gifts!!! super saya ng baby shower mo!!!!

    ang bait ng mga friends mo Frances!

    God bless you always!

  2. great party!! :) i've never been to a baby shower so your post really acquainted me to it! ang galing naman ng mga games! :) nice to know when your friends know exactly what you want and need. :)

  3. Glad you had fun! Sorry had to leave early! Man those cakes were yummy. Haha. Will post pics soon!

  4. hope you got na your package. sent it last week :-)

  5. ADiego, yes I did!!! I thanked you on my Topaz Horizon Facebook page =D Thanks again!!! Will blog about it soonest.


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