Friday, June 25, 2010

Rustan's gave us a baby sling and a bib

Rustan's Baby Department Store sent over this box of goodies for Jelly Bean!

I met Mariel Joaquin Bartolome of Rustan's Baby recently, when I did a writing assignment for Smart Parenting. She's such a warm and lovable person--really perfect for the department she handles. And when she handed over a gift for my baby boy, I was beyond pleased. Thanks so much, Mariel!

Here's what was inside:

Kushies Neck Bib

Hotslings Baby Carrier

I adore them! I love how the neck bib has a soft collar. It's so sweet and thoughtful of Kushies! Can you imagine how hot and uncomfy your baby's neck will be without that soft cottony collar? And I love how long and wide it is. Will definitely be good protection from all the food spills.

This neck bib comes in all sorts of designs, by the way:

I'm also loving Hotslings' stylish baby carriers, which also comes in a ton of designs but are just too many to put here. You can go and check out Rustan's for more of the styles.

I do like the idea of baby wearing instead of putting baby in a stroller. Though I'd like to list down all the reasons why I absolutely detest strollers, I won't because I know there are parents here who use strollers. Suffice it to say that I wish parents just leave their kids at home. Back in my day, my parents took us to the mall to shop just twice a year. Around May for school supplies and November for Christmas gifts. That was it. And we survived! Anyway, we did inherit a stroller despite my protests because I am told over and over again that I need it. So in my house now sits a stroller. If you see me in a mall pushing that stroller, well, that only means I've succumbed!

Now a baby sling always seemed like the perfect solution for me. I can be out and about with my child snuggled close and both hands free! Perfect! This is a makeup-less hair-unbrushed me with Mozzarella Bear and my new Hotslings. I think it's too small. Either that or I'm too big!

It's supposed to look like this, but I still don't really know how to wear it. I guess I can practice when the Jelly Bean's finally here. Which is very very soooooon!
Kushies and Hotslings are exclusively available at Rustan's Department Stores in Makati, Shangri-la Plaza and Alabang Town Center.

Product photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions. 


  1. Cute naman ni Mozzarella! He seems so happy!

  2. this is such a great gift.. keeps you closer to jelly bean, too. :) btw, do you have a name na for jellybean?

  3. i'm not against strollers too but my mom said to me even before i gave birth which i believe in now that babies like to be cuddled most of the time to feel the mom or the dad's warmth, that's one of the reasons why we didn't buy a stroller :)

  4. we barely used our stroller too... my eldest rode in it a few times, and my second, almost never. they would usually get fidgety and want to be taken out, like they couldn't stand being stuck in there. that's just my experience. when they're newborns you can just use the baby sling. that's more convenient since you don't have to push any unwieldy strollers up and down escalators or look for elevators or inclined planes in the malls (a real pain!!) some of my friends just bought the 'umbrella-type' strollers when their kids reached toddler stage.

  5. Mozzarella seems happy being the test bunny for the sling :) And the sling looks great on you, F! :)

  6. I wear Vito too. He loves it. He is ever so observant and quiet when he's worn, and I know that every time he's with me, he's learning more and more about the world. I practice attachment parenting, so he's with me almost 24/7. We do have a stroller though, as it can get tiring carrying him around when we're out for the weekend. Still, his favorite place is cuddled up next to me, which is great because we're so bonded.

    Love the designs of the gifts you got! Methinks I should hit Rustan's Baby again soon!

  7. Rachel and Tee, yes, Mozzarella is the original Baby Sales. I adore him!

    Shen, meron na actually. Clue: The Godfather!!!

    Jack and Browneyedgirl, that is very good to know!

    Martine, that such a cutie thing to know! I won't do attachment style of parenting, though. Nothing against it! Some of my friends do it. I plan to go back to work soonest and raise my kid the way my mother raised me--she left me all alone most of the time. I think that's why I'm very independent! Dunno. We'll see how it goes...

  8. Hi frances! I have those bibs too! Super useful when they're at the solid food stage. I also use a sling which i regret not using wth my two older babies. Very convenient compared to carrying with just your arms. My mom got the hotslings one but i couldn't carry my lucia for very long. Because it's one sided, you'll find that your shoulder gets sore vert fast. A friend of mine gave me a Saya carrier and that one i loved using because it uses both shoulders, the weight is very balanced. I used it wrh lucia during mass and u can feed her in it. She'll fall asleep in it even while i'm walking and doing the groceries.

  9. I love hotslings! It was my favorite sling (and I had a handful) to use from 3 months and up. It comes in sized though and I hope they gave you the right one.


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