Friday, July 2, 2010

33 weeks and 3 days pregnant today

This is what I wore to my doctor's appointment today and to the Forever 21 VIP opening party.

Such a pretty dress, right? I bought it from Kamiseta. Yep, I'm 8 months pregnant and still no maternity clothes! You just really have to spot which normal dresses can accommodate a big belly!

I try to look pretty because if I don't try, I will just get depressed. I know to most people, I'm not a fat pregnant woman but to me, 100 lbs average, I am huge! And when I say that, I get a rolling of the eyes but it really is very strange to be buying clothes in large sizes and underwear in XXL. I've been XS or S for the past 32 years, for crying out loud!

I also feel so heavy--130 lbs is not easy to carry. I walk slowly and with a most ungraceful duck-like gait. My back hurts like hell. Stretch marks are now very visible on my abdomen and thighs. Cellulite is everywhere. There's milia on my cheeks. My armpits have turned black. My toes and fingers look like sausages.

I'm not complaining, though. Everything will go back to normal (or so I hope!) in a few weeks' time and I'll have a beautiful baby boy to erase all the ugliness in my body away.

I'm so glad that even when my husband pointed out the cellulite on my thighs and the stretch marks on my tummy, he did so ever so gently and with a tender rueful smile. He understands. And for that, I'm definitely booking a laser appointment for those nasty stretch marks, a deep cleansing and whitening facial for the milia and acne scars, more whitening treatments for the armpits, and hitting the gym for the cellulite! Because Vince deserves a gorgeous wife just for being so nice to me!


  1. as what i keep on saying, milia aside, dark UA aside, sausage-like toes & fingers, you still look like a beauty queen,hun.

    i mean, look at how you smile. you look so serene. its one of the timeless-type of smile.

    you are really lucky for having a very understand husband!

    have a great evening,sweetie!

  2. hay, i can totally relate. buti ka nga about 30lbs lang. i gained almost 45lbs :P but lost half of it after i gave birth, and then lost all of it after a month.

    i breastfeed nathalie kasi hehe they say mas mabilis daw mag-lose ng weight, compared to those na di nagbreastfeed.

    awww..if only i have cash i would have my stretchmarks laser-ed out too! i have them all over my thighs..ugly talaga super. pero konting tyaga with shea butter and nawawala naman ung redness. pero pangit talaga noh :(

  3. Hi Frances! Pregnancy suits you! ;) Saw that dress at Kamiseta too. Didn't buy it though. But same as you, I haven't bought any maternity clothes and I'm on my 30th week. ;) I can't wait to give birth and go to the derma again, go to the salon and have hair treatments.. Our hubbies deserve a gorgeous wife! Just a few more weeks and you'll be welcoming your baby boy! Mine's a baby girl! :D Have a safe delivery!

  4. Hi!
    Don't worry about your armpits, it will get back to its color. And, you're still light, I was 140 pounds when I was 8 months and weighed another 4 at 36 weeks (imagine, I weigh 100lbs before i got pregnant)..
    How lucky we are for our husbands understands...
    Don't get're very very pretty....

  5. I'm already 40lbs heavier and still have 5 more weeks to go --- my feet look like they've been replaced with shrek's (minus the green color) and my tummy and thighs look like a road map to a city with bad urban planning.

    But like you, I'm optimistic that it'll all go away (or at least they won't be as permanent as it looks like now).

    Don't worry. Even Gretchen Baretto has stretch marks (lighter in color though, thanks to laser).

    It just makes me wonder... how does Heidi Klum do it???!!! haha


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