Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 things to do before I meet the baby!

Vanity post! You already know that as a mom-to-be, I'm trying my darndest to prepare for the arrival of Mr. Jelly Bean but do also know that I'm also a wife and a woman so I have to take care of some beauty rituals, too! So I've scheduled the following beauty to-do's in the next few weeks:

1. Get a foot scrub. My heels are cracked. The girl who does the foot spas at Let's Face It says this is because my feet are suffering from all the extra weight I'm carrying. Now, because I know that my legs and feet will be in the faces of the doctors and nurses in the delivery room, I'm going to get a foot scrub so they won't get horrified at the sight of my heels... and my legs, I guess, so I'll also...

2. Get a leg wax. And while I'm at it, I might as well...

3. Get a Brazilian wax. All the mommies I know tell me that the pubic area will be shaved unceremoniously on D-Day, whether I do a normal delivery or a CS. Since the nurses/orderlies aren't concerned about aesthetics, they will hack away down there, leaving you with nicks and cuts. My mommy friends say, "And when it's shaved, it's so itchy when the hair grows back. So you're sore and itchy down there!" Fellow mommies, I go to The Strip at Greenbelt 5. They're expensive but they're clean, fast, professional and it doesn't hurt. At all!

4. Get a nice haircut. There will be tons of pictures taken of the baby and me. My hair should be fabulous!

5. Maybe I can get a hair color, too. L'Oreal just launched INOA, a gentle but effective permanent hair dye. I got an invitation to have my hair colored at Emphasis Salon at Rockwell but I'm such a Louis Phillip Kee fan, I dunno if I can go to another salon!

6. Get a deep facial from my dermatologist. Right now, I've been getting my regular facials from Murad because if I don't, my skin will break out. However, Murad has been using their gentlest ingredients on me because of my pregnancy so they aren't doing anything about the dozens of ugly milia on my cheeks. I'll have to see my derma for those little bumps!

7. Get lash extensions! Okay, now this is a bit unnecessary but long thick lashes will look so pretty! I actually never thought about this until I stumbled upon a blog of a mom who documented her entire delivery. While waiting for her cervix to fully dilate, she had her hair shampooed and blow-dried, she put on tinted moisturizer and cream blush, and she curled her long magnificent lashes. So even though she posted photos of herself huffing and puffing, she looked amazing! Now, I don't have long lashes so I'll hop on over to iLash at SM Hypermart in Libis for some extensions!

Well, there! So much to do, so little time! I really want to be pretty when my son meets me. I know he can barely see when he's born but he'll have the photos of his birth day to check out and I want him to see that a beautiful woman cradled him first.


  1. Go for the Brazilian wax session! My friend experienced being shaved by a careless nurse! So much for the cuts she got.

    I feel like the whole blogging world is waiting for Mr. Jellybean. I'm excited too. Please post pics as soon as he's here. Take care!

    Let me have the invitation for hair color! LOL.

  2. I hope all moms-to-be will take care of themselves as much as you do. I can imagine how difficult pregnancy can be, but you're living it like a breeze! Can't wait for your first photos with Jelly Bean, with super long lashes of course! =D

  3. I'm also due on August (33 weeks and 3 days today!) and I absolutely know what you mean about the cracked heels!

    It's pretty awful and unavoidable too since our VERY pregnant body's more dehydrated now (notice the dry skin??).

    I had a foot scrub done at home by one of those home spa services. It's pretty convenient since they're available until midnight! Cheap too (500 pesos for foot spa, manicure, and pedicure!).

    My mom told me that the best way to maintain the softness of my heels is to apply petroleum jelly on them then wearing socks after (just before you go to sleep). You'll see that your heels will be so soft in the morning!

    As for your other to dos, I totally agree! I'm getting a Brazilian (the wax, not the man hahaha) on my 37th week. Also, those lash extensions sound awesome! As for the hair color, are you sure they're safe? I'd love to color my hair but I'm too scared that it might be too harsh on the baby.

    I'm so glad that this article proves that there's actually some sense to what I told my husband the other day: "When I start contracting, I'll definitely have a quick shower, do my make up (water/run proof), and if I'm not yet writhing in pain - blowdry my hair."

    Besides, if I go too early to St. Luke's Global (yep! we're giving birth at the same hospital!), they'll start charging me already. So I might as well delay the fees and look pretty while the contractions are still far apart haha

  4. i want to do these too, but are these safe to do while pregnant? like the waxing, the foot spa & hair coloring? My derma said i should not get a foot spa because the massage, when done incorrectly, might trigger contractions... i don't know if this is true.

    I got scared with the story about the cuts you'll get by careless nurses, ouch! How much is the Brazilian Wax in The Strip? I want to try it too! :)


  5. I really hope I'll have the privilege to see photos of you when you meet JB finally! :) And dapat mauso nga naman yan all those steps. Giving birth is not a usual thing, women must be pretty for it!


    PS: I also go to Strip! I used to be scared of hot wax but wow, they do it so quick there and agree, super clean!

    PPS: OMG, the baby is almost due you must be so excited!

  6. Effortless, naku, na-pressure naman ako dun sa "whole blogging world is waiting for Mr. Jellybean" na sinabi mo. I have a feeling I won't be blogging when he's here!

    NeuroChiq, yes, pregnancy is hard. And mine pa nga isn't so difficult! But I seriously don't want to do this again!

    Meowing Mom, yey! I hope you're ready kasi I'm not! But then who is? Go for the lashes! The hair color depends on you. Lots of moms have their hair colored but lots of OBs don't like it. Oh, we'll be such pretty mommies!

    Kelly, just get a foot scrub but don't get a foot massage. I wrote about this in Smart Parenting's May issue--putting pressure on the back of the heels and ankles may trigger contractions! Ya, waxing and hair coloring are okay. Anything topical is okay but if you don't feel comfortable doing it, don't.

    Teeyah! Yeah, you'll see him, of course! Dalawin ninyo ako sa bahay pag nanganak na ako. I think I'll be imprisoned for a few months so I'll appreciate visitors =)


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