Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Body Shop sent over Buriti Baby goodies

I'm a Body Shop user--soap, scrub, lotion, body butter, body oil and home fragrance! So of course it only makes sense that my child will be a Body Shop baby, too! Well, actually, this only occurred to me when Body Shop sent over a big paper bag filled with their Buriti line.

That's a soft brush, a massage gel, shampoo, body wash, body lotion, wash cloth and body butter. Lusciousness! Love the line! Of course, everyone tells me to wait till the kid's at least 6 months old before I start using grooming products on him. Oh well, that's okay. Maybe mommy will sample these then!

Thanks, Body Shop!


  1. talk about pampering for jelly bean! :)

  2. Thanks frances! :D i'm happy you liked them! you can actually use it 2 months and up! but i've been using the brush and the soft wash cloth since birth! supersoft-- lalo na the brush, it's softer than this other brush i have.
    you're almost there! exciting! :D


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