Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Handmade, with love, all the way from Germany

I can feel the love of my readers and I can feel it all the way from across the seas! My blogger friend, the very talented Duni of Lovely Purses, sent that package from her home in Germany to me. I don't know how exactly we found each other's blogs--was it through Entrecard, Duni?--but we've been following each other over the last couple of years and even emailed each other. Anyway, this lovely woman sent my Jelly Bean this darling gift:
It's a pair of little shoes for my baby boy and a little pouch for me! Handmade! That means Duni personally chose the cloth, made the patterns, cut the cloth and sewed them together lovingly. I am blown away!

These baby slippers are made from 100% natural cotton and felt. I'm sorry I took photos in such bad light but I was so excited. These are the cutest things and I still can't get over how she made them herself. My baby boy's fat feet will look so adorable in these.

This zip pouch is so me. It's the colors of my wedding--pink and brown--and it has a very special animal in its pattern. Do you see them? Rabbits! The fact that Duni thought of me when she chose this fabric means a lot. Like an enormous lot! I keep this pouch in my bag every day, for my facial tissues and wet wipes.

The baby slippers and the zip pouch are well made--the stitching is perfect, the fabric is high quality and the details, like this sweet zipper charm, are exquisite.

Thank you, Duni. God bless your generous heart!


  1.'re so sweet for posting this Frances ♥

    Actually, I stumbled upon your blog when I was still a newbie. I wasn't with Entrecard yet. Your style of writing captured my attention and ever since then I'm hooked :)

    Re: your comment on my blog:Thanks for the compliment :)
    I use my trusty digi-cam Panasonic Lumix. Since it's always so dark here I make sure to use a true white background and take the shots at midday!

  2. That is so sweet! New babies bring out all sorts of generous people. With my first, we got gifts from people we didn't even know - so nice.

    Thanks for you note btw, I know my site is such a pain to leave comments on!! I have no idea why, tx so much for coming back and trying again :).


  3. Goodness, that is so sweet! Blog friends are the greatest!


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