Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look your best!

I'll tell you why I try so very hard to look pretty and stylish especially now that I'm pregnant.

The entire day today was spent planning OK! magazine's editorial lineup for the rest of the year and for 2011. So--since we'll be stuck in the conference room all day--I didn't put on makeup, I didn't style my hair (no curling, no blowdrying), I didn't wear my contacts, I threw on a simple dress and a cardigan, and I just wore my slippers.

Today's comments were:
"Wow, you look ginormous! You're finally fat!"
"That tummy must be heavy. You look really tired."
"Baby already keeping you up? Those eye bags are huge."
"Are you due very soon? You look terrible!"

Hmm. To be fair, above comments were said in a most concerned tone. But that is why we pregnant women and mommies must try extra hard to look our best!


  1. i just think it comes with the whole experience. No need to feel like you're not at your best all the time.. ganun talaga. preggy or no preggy, i think people will always have something to say.. :) the important thing is you're doing the best you can for you and your babe. you're allowed to be laid back once in a while even in a fashionable environment. :) much love to you, Frances!! :)

  2. Filipinos love to make comments about people's weight. I used to live abroad and I absolutely hated that 'you've gained weight' was one of the first things people would tell me. How inappropriate is that? Even more so when the woman is pregnant.

  3. I had a relatively easy pregnancy and got a lot of good feedback from people (until my last month when I was bloated beyond belief). Itw as AFTER pregnancy that everything started going downhill. And now, almost 2 years after, I can't muster enough energy to look "my best" as you put it. Still no mojo! Am keeping my fingers crossed for you, especially after you give birth - go get dolled up for the rest of us hahaha! God save the mommies!


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!