Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thanks, Auntie Kimi!

And the gifts are still pouring in! Vince's best girl friend, Kimi, who's now a doctor in the US of A, sent over these delightful little onesies for the Bean:

Puppy set 

Super set

Elephant set

Our favorite is the one with the elephant. That's Vince's animal since, like the elephant, he has big ears, a big nose and a long memory. And when we saw our Jelly Bean's 4D ultrasound, the son looks very much like his father! Oh, how can I not fall in love?!

Thanks, Kimi! Umuwi ka naman dito sa Pilipinas! I'm due in a week or two so do book a flight to Manila so you can meet the little guy!

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  1. cute!! nakakaloka mga clothes ng kids nowadays! but i think nothing can top my metro aide onesies before. hahaha! kulang na lang sakin tabi walis tingting at steel dustpan. :)


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