Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fat! Fat! Fat!

In July, my OBG, Dr. Rebecca Singson, had to attend a series of talks so she advised me to see her associates at Makati Medical Center for 3 weeks. So off to MMC I went.

The doctors I saw there said that I gained "just 25 pounds" and that the baby is "just 5.5 pounds" so we need to fatten up. I protested, "But Dr. Singson said I'm doing fine at 25 pounds and that--since I'll try to deliver normal--a small baby is okay. I can fatten up the baby when he's out." The two associates just looked at me like I was crazy. "You need to take these additional vitamins. Drink milk--"

"But Dr. Singson said I don't need milk!"

"--and eat lots of protein, like beef and pork."

So off I went to do just that. Before I went to the associates, my weight was 133 lbs. Today, when I saw Dr. Singson, I am at 141.8. That's almost 10 lbs in 10 days!!! When Dr. Singson saw my weight, she looked at me and said, "Now you're overweight!"

In other words, I'm FAT.

"What happened? You were doing so well. And if you want to have a normal delivery, you don't want a very big baby."

So now I also have a FAT baby. I'm sooooo annoyed!


  1. Aw...your should kick the ass of the associate doctor!

  2. Argh!

    Don't fret, Frances. When I gave birth, I gained 30 lbs because I was underweight to begin with. (I was 5'6" and got pregnant at 128 lbs; when I gave birth, I was 160 lbs! I'm now back to 130 lbs, yay.)

    My baby at time time of birth was 6 lbs 7 ounces, yet I managed to deliver him safely, naturally, and without anesthesia. He was a rather hefty baby, considering my size (I'm skinny, like a bean pole). So I wouldn't worry too much; just follow your OB-GYN's advice for now until delivery.

    I give credit to my OB-GYN, who was amazing. She taught me a method called "Christ-centered childbirth," and it was amazing. Similar to Lamaze, I think, except the focus is on relaxation, meditation and prayer during delivery. It was amazing; I felt instantly connected to God, so much so that I hardly felt the pain of the contractions (or at least, the Lord strengthened me enough for them!)

    I will be praying for you, for a safe delivery and a healthy little baby boy.

  3. the last remaining weeks have a way of surprising us with huge weight gain. it happened to me too even if I was very careful with my food intake. don't worry its mostly water retention / edema / manas :-)

    and im sure you still look beautiful, weight gain and all :-)

  4. Oh you're not fat, you're just almost there. I included your mommy blog to my list of top 10. :)

  5. I can really kick that doctor if that was me! (associate doctor I mean) crazy!!!

  6. Seriously I don't get why these doctors stress you out with weight when pregnant. You already feel like a big fat cow when you're pregnant no need for them to make you feel worse. Each woman is different and each woman's body reacts to the pregnancy differently. I gained about 55 pounds with each pregnancy but a friend gained just 20 and she wasn't eating any better than I was.

    Just eat what you want, when else are you going to get the chance to do this? There is no such thing as being overweight when pregnant!

    And just because you have a big baby doesn't mean you can't delivery naturally.

  7. hay naku that happened to me too, me naman 10lbs in a week!

  8. You can burn all of the weight off if you breastfeed - promise! When I breastfed past 6 months, the pounds just rolled off. You have to watch out lang when you stop breastfeeding kasi I gained 15 pounds!

  9. Thanks everybody! I know I sound like I'm such a vain person but it's not really my figure I was upset about.

    Parang lang, pag dating sa weight, ano ba talaga ang tama, ang sobra, ang kulang???

    And medyo I got scared pa kasi I could've complicated the pregnancy by suddenly putting on weight! Yun lang. =(

  10. Don't mind them. I gained only 10-15pounds with my firstborn, and we were both fine. He was 7lbs 8.6oz and I delivered normally. There was this one medical professional I saw (when my OB was unavailable on my appt) who was a bit worried my baby was small because I only gained a few pounds but my real doctor doesn't care about the numbers, as long as we're both healthy. I didn't even have edema and all.

  11. It's hard when you get conflicting medical advice. I think your doctor should not have recommended her associate to you if they do not have the same view.


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