Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vito on my phone

I finally learned how to transfer my files from my Sony Ericsson Elm phone to my HP Mini!!! Congratulate me please! Yep, I may be married to the Third World Nerd but that doesn't mean I'm just as great with gadgets. So now that I finally understood Bluetooth, I feel like I've achieved a lot!

I uploaded more photos on Facebook but I'm sharing some of them here for you, my loyal readers. As you can probably tell from the pics, my life is spent in the bedroom, staring at this little wonder. And though he has a crib (with a special extra-long mattress I had a hard time looking for!), he prefers to sleep with Mama and Papa.
3 days old. Vito is still looking bashed up from the birth--cone head, puffy eyes--but he's still so adorable!
2 weeks and 3 days old. Vince and Vito getting some sun.
3 weeks old. Vito is attacked by infant acne. You know what cured it? Breast milk applied 3x a day. Doctor said so!
3 weeks and 3 days old. See? Infant acne reduced dramatically just 3 days after the breast milk application. Vito always sleeps with the iPad playing his sleepy music. The iPad also saves me from boredom while I breastfeed him!
3 weeks and 3 days old. My little bobblehead's awake! Vito wears Tushy Wushy cloth diapers. Fantastic invention! 
Sometimes it lasts longer on him than disposables!
1 month and 1 day old. When Vito wakes from his afternoon nap, he's all happy, then fussy, then hungry, then sleepy. This is obviously the happy part!
 1 month and 4 days old. Love that smile! Many thanks to Auntie Anj and Cousin Zo 
for all the nice clothes little Vito has!

He's too cute! Vince wants me to use the Olympus when taking photos of his son but my phone's always beside me so... It takes good pictures naman, no? Love Sony talaga!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy news!

My shoes still fit! All of them! Hooray!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What's your health plan?

Seriously, I grew up a sickly girl but these past 10 months, I've seen too many doctors and too much hospital (and handed over too much money!) for my taste. So we've finally given birth but that only means even more face time with another kind of doctor: the pediatrician. This is my family at the pediatrician two weeks ago:
Vito is one month old here! I'm still trying to lose the preggy belly!
Well, time to shop for a good health plan. I actually have health insurance courtesy of my employ but it's not as good as the one I grew up with. It's a huge shock to me since I had amazing health care growing up as the beneficiary of my Mama (she used to work in Meralco)--All medical conditions covered. All dental work covered. If the procedure is cosmetic, 25% covered. I used to go in and out of hospitals with not a peso on me and the insurance paid for absolutely everything. So when Mama died and I had to avail of the health plan at work... well, let's just say it's not as good.

So now that we have this fascinating young man in our lives, Vince and I need to get a good, solid, reliable health insurance plan. Soon. Do you have a health plan? What is it? Are you happy with it? Help!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My beautiful boy

Vito's gorgeous. We can't stop staring at him. Vince and I are in love with our son. Just look at him!

Vito has a calm disposition. He's not a quiet baby, though, since he's always sighing, grunting, snuffling. He doesn't cry a lot. He's really more of a grunter. But he seems to have inherited a terrible temper--he got that from both his parents--and when he's upset, which isn't very often, he'll bunch up his face in a very angry expression and let out a loud protest. But like his parents, his anger quickly cools.

Vito, please be a Star Wars nerd when you grow up!

In very many ways, we see a lot of us in Vito. It's a bit freaky. I won't say just what those things are but certain expressions, ticks, sounds are so like Vince or so like me. It's like having a sidekick! We can't wait to see what kind of person Vito becomes--hopefully someone as nerdy and smart and cool as his parents!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow"

Since getting sick of pneumonia last March, all I ever pray for now is good health, safety and protection of Vince and myself. And since the day Vito was born, I pray for his good health, safety and protection, too. I told you before that I'm such a worrier and now that I'm a mom, the worries have multiplied.

Vito and me at the pediatrician--always a nervous time for me. 

Every day, when Vince goes to work, I ask God fervently to keep him safe and bring him home whole. Every night, as Vito goes to sleep, I ask God to keep my son breathing. In other words, I am a nervous wreck. I guess what that really means is I don't really believe that God will keep us safe and healthy, right?

Then today, after I prayed that God keep my family safe and sound yet again, I was going through my Facebook updates when this phrase on someone's wall caught my eye: "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow."

No more worries! Everything will be okay because God holds the future!

And just like that, I knew that God rebuked me and assured me at the same time. "Because He Lives" is an old Christian hymn that my mother used to sing. Sometimes she sang it, her voice triumphant with joy and conviction. Sometimes she sang it, her voice quivering with hope for a better tomorrow. And now I find myself singing it.

How sweet to hold a newborn baby
And feel the pride and joy he gives;
But greater still the calm assurance:
This child can face uncertain days because He lives!
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living just because He lives!

Amen, Lord. I will trust and believe!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Body after baby

Quick nonsensical post! After the last two very serious posts, I figured we can talk about something a little less serious (but still important!)--body image.

The week after I gave birth was hard not just because I was adjusting to life with a newborn but also because every time I looked at the mirror, I saw a body that still looked pregnant but was much flabbier and with all these horrible discolorations and stretch marks. I looked absolutely awful and that mirrored how I felt. I was very afraid I'd never be attractive to my husband ever again. Of course, Vince assured me I'd always be hot to him but he did ask when can we start on a fitness regimen!

Well, I shouldn't have been so fearful. Because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, I lost all the pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks. Two weeks, people! Yep. I'm now back to 110 lbs. No diet, no exercise. Actually, I'm eating a LOT. Breastfeeding makes you really hungry. As in, kain karpintero. I have to eat a lot and take vitamins because I'm feeding another person and so when the scale says I'm losing weight, I don't see that as a good thing. So eat eat eat I go.

Just another day in the life of a new mom. One week, you worry you'll never lose weight, the next week, you worry about losing too much weight! Well, my body image is now controlled by how it affects the people I love. All I care about now is being attractive to my husband and also being a good source of nutrition for my child. Health is now my top priority, if I haven't spelled that out clearly enough. Geez, for the first time in my life, I care about my body's health. I am old, people. I am old! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vito's growing up

Tomorrow will be Vito's third Friday. I just put him to sleep (finally) with The National playing softly in the background. He's still finding a pattern to his sleeping and eating—sometimes he eats every 2 hours, 3 hours, sometimes it's every hour.

But I feel better now. All you mommies who left encouraging comments in my last post and on my Facebook wall and blog page, and who sent me emails—all your own stories really helped. Thank you. I do still succumb to tears when I'm exhausted but I have started getting used to the sleepless nights and everything else that comes with new motherhood. In fact, while I want to sleep more than anything in the world, I've also begun grasping at the moments I'm awake—only then can I see Vito and drink him in. He's growing so fast!

This is Vito when he was just 5 days old. This was taken by Vince at 3 in the morning when the baby just refused to sleep. Vito doesn't look like that anymore. So Vince takes photos of his son every day because we just can't believe how quickly the time passes by.

On Facebook, I read on one mommy's status that this week is "Son's Week." I used to scoff at silly things like that, you know, Hallmark Holidays, just another excuse to get us to buy cards and flowers and gifts. But I did get a bit teary-eyed when I read Tani V's wall post:
A son will hold your hand for a little while... but will hold your heart for a lifetime. He will outgrow your lap but never your heart! 

This is my husband's hand holding my son's hand. Vito's hand isn't that tiny anymore. Already his fingers are growing longer, his nails—when I cut them—are stronger, and when he's mad and flails about, his little fists hurt whatever they hit. He's so strong, my boy. And I whisper to him, "Don't grow so fast, darling. Mama can't keep up."

If you've been reading my blogs, you'd know that I never wanted to be a mother. A parent-child relationship just seemed illogical to me. It's the only relationship doomed to be a success. Did you get that? It's doomed in the sense that it will only be a success if your child leaves you. Every day, we parents teach our child the skills it needs to do one thing: Leave you.

One day, these little feet will walk away from me and his Papa. It already breaks my heart.

It already makes my heart soar.