Thursday, September 9, 2010

Body after baby

Quick nonsensical post! After the last two very serious posts, I figured we can talk about something a little less serious (but still important!)--body image.

The week after I gave birth was hard not just because I was adjusting to life with a newborn but also because every time I looked at the mirror, I saw a body that still looked pregnant but was much flabbier and with all these horrible discolorations and stretch marks. I looked absolutely awful and that mirrored how I felt. I was very afraid I'd never be attractive to my husband ever again. Of course, Vince assured me I'd always be hot to him but he did ask when can we start on a fitness regimen!

Well, I shouldn't have been so fearful. Because I'm exclusively breastfeeding, I lost all the pregnancy weight in just 2 weeks. Two weeks, people! Yep. I'm now back to 110 lbs. No diet, no exercise. Actually, I'm eating a LOT. Breastfeeding makes you really hungry. As in, kain karpintero. I have to eat a lot and take vitamins because I'm feeding another person and so when the scale says I'm losing weight, I don't see that as a good thing. So eat eat eat I go.

Just another day in the life of a new mom. One week, you worry you'll never lose weight, the next week, you worry about losing too much weight! Well, my body image is now controlled by how it affects the people I love. All I care about now is being attractive to my husband and also being a good source of nutrition for my child. Health is now my top priority, if I haven't spelled that out clearly enough. Geez, for the first time in my life, I care about my body's health. I am old, people. I am old! 


  1. Hi, Frances! I'm so happy to hear you're breastfeeding. I still am, and my Vito just turned 10 months yesterday! He's so healthy and active because of it. As for me, I can completely understand your post-preggy bod experience. It was the same for me, too. You'll see: the weight will shed off just like that! Effortless :)

    Let me recommend a great book called Eat Right 4 Your Baby by Peter D'Adamo. This lets you in on what you should eat for your blood type so that you feel great, lose weight healthily, and do exercises that will help you get back in shape. I'm type O, so this book helped me eat well for my breastfeeding. Got my copy in Booksale (luckily) for a measly P149.00, and it is practically brand new! I highly recommend it.

    Well, eat and eat and have a great time now during your ML. Don't forget to treat yourself with a little spa-love, if you can.:)

  2. love reading your posts frances! im due to give birth in 6 weeks and i have a preview of things to come. being away from my family i think is going to be the hardest for me but at least i have my husband and SIL. i hope to be able to breastfeed exclusively too. take care!

  3. Eating is the best "side-effect" of exclusive breastfeeding! Hunger switch is always on, and so is the challenge on choosing the right food to eat. Enjoy this stage while you can :-)

  4. Fran, so it's true? you really loose a lot of weight when you breastfeed? You don't use any powder milk at all is that what you mean?

  5. Ems, yup, no formula, no water, no nothing. Just my milk! And he feeds all the time. Sino bang di papayat niyan???

  6. Told ya you'll be back to your sexy self in no time ;) and in just 2 weeks---naks! Just remember not to eat as much when you decide to stop breastfeeding, so you won't gain as much again :D Hope to see you soon, F!

  7. Congratulations, you're doing an amazing thing exclusively breastfeeding your baby! It's not something all moms can afford to commit to so kudos to you.


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