Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy news!

My shoes still fit! All of them! Hooray!


  1. Yey! That's great news! I can relate, too, I didn't have edema during pregnancy at all. Not even my fingers or neck got bloated!

    Frances, you are looking very good, I must say! Glad to see you're working it, although with breastfeeding, you'll find the pounds will just shed off (as long as your body is designed that way). Six months after I gave birth, the "pooch" in front was almost gone, thanks to breastfeeding. (I still am fully breastfeeding Vito). I wrote about my post-natal figure here:

    Hope to soon read about your own exciting journey to your new bod! Motherhood somehow makes us more sexy, I think, and curvier, too! You are one hot momma, and are certainly looking the part. :)

  2. it should be! you were able to shed off the water in your feet eh... :)

  3. Martine, thanks! I'm back to my pre-preggy body (but now with boobies!) except nga for my jiggly Jello-o belly. Buti ka pa you didn't have edema. I thought I'd be spared but 2 weeks before I gave birth, I started swelling and swelling!

    Debi, ya! But syempre andun pa rin yung worry. So happy happy! I'll update this nga with photos of me wearing my shoes...

  4. All my shoes fit after both births. The weird thing is that all new shoes I bought were a half size bigger. Now bras size is a whole different story .....


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