Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My beautiful boy

Vito's gorgeous. We can't stop staring at him. Vince and I are in love with our son. Just look at him!

Vito has a calm disposition. He's not a quiet baby, though, since he's always sighing, grunting, snuffling. He doesn't cry a lot. He's really more of a grunter. But he seems to have inherited a terrible temper--he got that from both his parents--and when he's upset, which isn't very often, he'll bunch up his face in a very angry expression and let out a loud protest. But like his parents, his anger quickly cools.

Vito, please be a Star Wars nerd when you grow up!

In very many ways, we see a lot of us in Vito. It's a bit freaky. I won't say just what those things are but certain expressions, ticks, sounds are so like Vince or so like me. It's like having a sidekick! We can't wait to see what kind of person Vito becomes--hopefully someone as nerdy and smart and cool as his parents!


  1. though it will still change...you resemble him more...

  2. He's so cute and adorable Ma'am Frances:) What a blessing!

  3. I love this, Neighbor! And I love how Vito's eyes are so large at so young! Big, inquisitive eyes, if I may add. It's so cool that you see traits of yours and Vince manifest in him; amazing!

  4. Vito's eyes are so expressive... Such a handsome boy you have... parents are so lucky! God bless baby Vito!

  5. awwww!
    the first pic is soooo adorable

    he looks so calm & cute...i never would have used calm as an adjective to describe babies, but Vito is an exception..he really looks so calm.

    It's like he is saying 'take my pic,mommy,please'

    Haha!LOL at the sidekick!
    I guess you can already imagine how he would be like when he's all grown up!

  6. Vito is going to remind you every day about the best parts of you and Vince. You'll see!

  7. Hi! Just chanced upon your website. I feel the same way about my baby. And her father is trying to transform her into Darth Vader too. Over my dead body. Lol.

  8. He really IS a beautiful baby! New moms and dads can really get "addicted" to their babies...enjoy every moment!

  9. What an adorable baby! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  10. Love Vito's big eyes! He looks so 'tisoy', Frances! =)

  11. aww! those eyes!! vito is adorable!!


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