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Giving birth at St. Luke's Global - Q&A

I've gotten many questions, requests, even demands (you pregnant women talaga!) inquiring about my experience at St. Luke's Bonifacio Global City. Since I was very very happy with my stay there, I'll finally answer all of your questions in this post.

The main lobby
Is it expensive there?
Yes. I wish I can say it isn't but, compared to other hospitals, St. Luke's Global is pricier. BUT!!! With all the things you get--spacious room, wonderful facilities, expert care, professional service, and the fantastic gourmet meals--it's oh so worth it. You can even say the cost is reasonable.

But look here--a normal delivery at Medical City is about P90,000. Makati Medical and Asian Hospital charge slightly higher. At St. Luke's Global, we paid about P130,000. That's a big difference, but to me, it's not since my stay at St. Luke's Global was waaaaaaay better than any hospital I've ever been in (and being a sickly girl, I've been in a lot). The food alone... grabe. So worth it. Ang sarap!

Of course, you can tweak the cost by choosing the cheapest room and asking discounts from your doctors. If your delivery was uncomplicated (like mine), you can choose to stay just a few days. We went home on the third day so that definitely kept costs down. However, my OBG is the chair of the department--so her fee is high. But she gave me a huge discount!

A 4-months-preggy me at Dr. Singson's clinic
Who's your OB? What's her contact info?
My obstetrician-gynecologist is Dr. Rebecca Singson. As I mentioned, she's the head of the OBG Department. She's been my OBG for almost 12 years so even though I was scared of her professional fee, I still remained with her.

She is fantabulous! I have endometriosis, you see, and she's the big reason why my endometriosis--a painful disease of the uterine lining that can cause infertility--has not troubled me in the last decade. I also credit Dr. Singson for my son since her treatment is obviously effective!

If you'd like an appointment with Dr. Singson, call her secretary Tinay at 789-7700 local 7305 or (0918)926-6614.

We got a private tour assisted by customer service
You got a tour of the facilities. How can I get a tour, too?
Just approach the information desk or customer service  and ask for a tour. They'll gladly arrange one for you.

Vince loved the wait as long as it's on this chair!
What's the maternity section like?
State-of-the-art! There's a large waiting room for dads and partners and parents and other kids. There are several couches, a big flat screen and magazines and newspapers.

For you mommies, you also have a special waiting area but maybe you shouldn't wait there because it's frakkin expensive!!! All preggy moms stay at the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit, an area of posh cubicles with a soft bed, leatherette pillows, fetal monitor, big flat screen TVs and a La-Z-Boy. Very nice. Very pricey.

If you can wait at home, do so. Just go to the hospital when your contractions are 10 to 5 minutes apart. Because that means you're ready to go so you're whisked off to another room, a bare one. This is where they check your dilation. And when they see that you're popping, they wheel you briskly down a loooooong hallway to the delivery room.

Wow. The delivery rooms at St. Luke's are like something straight out of a spaceship. Antiseptic, bright, cold. I actually asked the huge male nurse to hug me because it was so cold! Or maybe that's just the anesthesia. After your baby pops out, there's a nice little corner for the newborn. That's where they check him, ya know, if everything's normal. It looked warm in his area, I tell ya.

Anyway, if you're worried about your baby getting switched, don't. From the delivery room to the recovery room (where they serve coffee and water) to my room, Vito and I were together. He was never out of my sight!

Can my hubby be in the delivery room while I give birth?
Hmm. In my experience, yes. But another mommy I know (hi Paola!) said they didn't allow her hubby to be with her. At first, we also thought Vince won't be with me. So we said, "Bye bye, see you later, love you!" Then, in the delivery room, as I was waiting for the OB to arrive, someone asked me, "Do you want your husband here?" Of course I said yes! A few minutes later, a bewildered Vince in scrubs was beside me. And, whether he wanted to or not, he saw all the blood and gore!

Vito and me in our room
Is it true they have a rooming-in policy?
Yep! There's no nursery at St. Luke's Global. All babies, except those that need intensive care, are placed in the same room as mommy. I loved this! I got to stare at and cuddle Vito all I want! And I didn't have to go anywhere to feed him so whenever he woke up, I took care of him.

Of course, the downside of that is you get no rest at all. And when visitors come, they go straight to your room to see the baby, which means you'll get no rest at all again!

It's like a hotel! The service, I rate as 5-stars!
What's the post-partum care like?
The best! I got my own nurse! She taught me how to carry the baby, to swaddle him, to massage my breast so milk will come out, to bathe the baby, etc. I especially appreciated her at night, when it was around 2 or 3 am, and I'm up. She sat up with me and chatted so I didn't feel so alone (Vince was fast asleep on the comfy wide bench beside the bed). I was very babied, I almost cried when I finally went home.

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Anton Diaz also wrote about his experience there, plus the restaurants you can dine in (click here!). Yummy places to eat at. Vince and I love the oysters at Via Mare!

And no, this is not a paid/sponsored post! I really liked it there!


  1. I would love to give birth there but its just too far from me! The QC St. Luke's is too crowded naman, sigh....

  2. It's so nice to hear positive reviews about St. Luke's. I'm glad you liked your stay, Ms. Frances.:)

  3. Hi Frances!

    Actually my husband was allowed to go in the operating room (for my CS). What they didn't allow was for him to accompany me at the regular labor room. They gave me an option to labor in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit where it's allowed to have people accompany the mommy :) BUT of course they had to warn me that it's FOUR TIMES the price! Laboring in the 'regular' labor room costs around 1,500 while the HRPU rooms are 6,000 - 8,000 (depending if you want an ensuite toilet).

    I went for the HRPU labor room because I didn't want to feel kawawa and alone haha

    Hospital fees alone, I spent around 80,000+ then there are the FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE doctor's fees so it went up to 150,000! Buti nalang I got a discount from my OB or I would've spent a gazillion pesos :))

    That amount, however, could've been:

    1. Higher - if I stayed longer. CS patients usually stay 5 days, ako 4 days (that includes the 1 day of 'unnecessary' labor), mainly because ayoko nang palakihin yung bill namin haha

    2. Lower - if I had just scheduled my CS and not go through the 24 hours worth of 'unnecessary' labor in the HRPU (which was more expensive than our hospital room! and to think na our room was the more expensive executive room na ha!)

    I think it's possible to lower the hospital fees down to 40K for normal and 60K for CS. They would only have to:

    1. Labor in the 'regular' room and not the HRPU
    2. Get the regular private room for the hospital stay
    3. and not to get addicted to the AMAZING St. Luke's Global City experience (umuwi ka na kung kaya mo na!) hahaha

    All in all, I think St. Luke's Global City is worth the extra 10,000 or so ("or so" being the operative phrase here haha) considering the fantastic service (the nurses, customer care staff, etc.), the amazing food, and the clean high-class facilities that they have.

    No hospital can compare to St. Luke's! Even the new Medical City and Asian Hospital! We're lucky to have given birth this year :)

    Sayang lang that our babies weren't October babies! They had a 50% off sale pa naman!

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  5. What a treat you got there! Well, I can't complain with mine but yours was definitely way better. I think with your price I already paid for my CS operation... Never the less, it's worth it!!!

    TIPS TIPS on what the nurse taught you on breast massage to have milk out. I super want to learn that mommy Frances... SEE YOU SOON? I hope!!!

  6. Hi Frances,

    New reader here. :) I have endo, too! I would love to compare notes with you. How did you/Dr. Singson manage to control it for the last 10 years? I have been period-free for 2 and a half years (while pregnant and nursing) but a year after getting my period back, my endo has recurred. :(


  7. Thank you for sharing your birth experience at St. Luke's Global City! I found your blog a few months ago when I did a search on St. Luke's and love that they allow your husband to be with you all the way.

    I find it hard to understand why in the majority of hospitals here (unless you're doing lamaze), husbands aren't allowed to be with their wives during labor and delivery. I would think that women would need all the support they can get from loved ones when giving birth! :)

  8. Wow 130k? That's not so expensive! I wanna give birth there too! My first baby was born at MMC, whopping 160k! And rooms then weren't renovated yet. Super panget. Thanks for all the info!! =) By the way, cute baby boy you have =)

  9. Hi. I am wondering if Dra. Singson also made you take the herbal/supplements from natural sources (Symmetry Nutrapack and Megajuice). Did she prescribed you those or just the normal supplements that can be bought at national drug stores? TIA

    1. Yep, I took (and am still taking) all those supplements =)

  10. hi frances, did you avail of the high risk pregnancy labor room? or just the regular labor room? thanks!

    1. The first time I gave birth, it was at the high-risk room so I guess that's why my bill was 130K. The second time, it was just sa regular room and I went there two hours before I gave birth so my bill was just 80K =)

  11. Hi Frances - thanks for all the good info here. My partner and I are using Dr. Singson as our OBGYN. Would it be possible to contact you either by email or phone? I have quite a few questions I'd like to ask. I am from NZ and my partner is a Philippina. Look forward to your reply. Nathan

    1. Hi Nathan! You can email me: =)


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!