Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happiness is spelled like so: V-I-T-O!

At almost 10 weeks, my Vito's interacting. And not just because he's hungry-wet-sleepy. He's curious now, he looks around, listens, coos, mimics, smiles, laughs. His favorite source of amusement? His Papa!

Occasionally, he likes me, too!

To be honest, because of certain events, these past few days have felt like a nightmare. But when we see Vito, happiness just overflows. Yes, despite the disasters, life is good. Vince even dared to say, "Our life is perfect."

Vito, thank you.


  1. pa-gwapo ng pa-gwapo si Vito, Frances! That smile is priceless. Praying,

  2. frances! sa second photo parang kamukhang kamukha mo vito! :)

  3. Haha, how ironic that you mentioned Vito's highly entertained by his papa. Same here! Just a few minutes ago, as I was putting my Vito to bed, he kept saying "Da-da, Da-da" over and over, pointing to the bedroom door (His dad was not in the room). Turns out, he wanted more play time before winding down, to which I conceded! He's fast asleep now, after some lulling from Daddy.

    I hear ya, and it's true: Just one look at my son, and everything difficult or trying that I'm going through seems naught. It's the innocence that children bring, I guess! :)

  4. You are absolutely right Frances. No matter how shitty my day was, when I get home, Anika never fails to put a smile on my face =)

    PS. Vito's so adorable!!!

  5. Thanks, Jennie... especially for the prayers =)

    Joycie, my friends say that's my exact expression when I'm listening to them make kwento!

    Martine, I can't wait for Vito to say Da-da!

    Fleur, hay totoo yan. These days have been shitty indeed but with Vito around, masaya na ulit!


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