Saturday, October 9, 2010

Law Proposed on Extending Maternity Leave Benefits

Finally! And I am amazed that it was a man who thought this one up, too! Rep. Winston Castelo just did a huge favor for all Filipino families by proposing that maternity leaves be extended from the current 60 days (for normal delivery) to 84. If that was law today, I'd have had an extra 24 days to spend with Vito!

Other countries have enviable benefits for employed parents. Parents in Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic can stay with baby up to 3 years! Three glorious years!

I also like this part:
[Rep. Castelo] said female employees covered by either the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Security Insurance System (GSIS) shall be paid a daily maternity benefit equivalent to 150 percent of her present basic salary, allowances and other benefits or its cash equivalent for 84 calendar days.

Because I tell ya, SSS gave me just a minuscule fraction of my salary. Just when I needed a lot of money, that's when my compensation got drastically cut. It's a good thing gestation takes 9 months because we certainly used that time to save up!

And while we're at it, can we also propose that breastfeeding/milk expression stations be mandatory at all offices and public places?

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  1. glad that in our company, maternity leave is for 3 months with pay, with an option to extend for days equivalent to annual leave balance and another 30days pa, without pay na nga lang.

  2. This proposed law is, for me, the best law for Filipino women since I was born! I hope it only takes a couple of signatures for such a law be passed....

  3. i super like this law!! i hope they pass it please please please!! :)

  4. wow I love that 3 glorious years maternity leave!!!! in my case here in Thailand I was only given 30 days leaves (for normal delivery)...hope that proposed law will be materialized

  5. there is a law requiring offices to have breastfeeding stations already :) however, the company may seek an exception in certain situations. i remember reading about it from daphne's blog, and i sent out an opinion to our clients previously regarding the matter. if you want i can send you a copy of the law and the legal opinion. just tell me when :)

  6. reastfeeding/milk expression stations be mandatory at all offices and public places? - actually it is under the expanded breastfeeding act authored by Sen. Pia Cayetano. DOH is just working on the rules and regulations which should be out shortly. hurrah for working moms :D

  7. Roxy and Jenny, huwaaaaat??? Then if it's a law already then why...? Na-stress ako dun ha, kasi everywhere I go, walang mga spaces na ganun for us breastfeeding moms =(

    Roxy, send mo nga sa akin please ( I-forward ko sa HR namin sa office!

  8. hi frances :) the file is in my hard disk which i left at home. will send it to you soonest. but you may check for the text of the law online. it's republic act no. 10028 :)

  9. well, the regulations have not yet been released and syempre, it is added expense for companies to provide lactation rooms. and lactation breaks! nursing moms are supposed to get 40 minutes total per 8-hour day of milk expression time ON TOP of lunch breaks and mid-day breaks. as for nursing rooms, surprisingly, a lot of malls have them already :D


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