Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vito's first Christmas is just around the corner! Let the preps begin!

You know how some people book photo shoots for their Christmas cards? I used to giggle at them. Well, guess who just joined that silly crowd? Me!

This photo was taken by my sister, Jacqui, and it's now my Facebook profile pic. It's cute enough, I think, for holiday cards but Vince isn't with us so no, can't use this. And the picture's too dark. And our outfits just won't do! Besides, by December, Vito's face is going to be much different. I guess I should just book a photo shoot in November.

Meanwhile, we're taking dozens upon dozens of shots of our little boy. This is him last Tuesday. Now, doesn't that smile just brighten your day?


  1. I used to think it was cheesy to send out those Christmas cards with your family pics on it. When Vito came into our lives, pictures went EVERYWHERE, haha. Last year, we even got those "My First Christmas" decors, onesies in Christmas themes and colors, and all manner of useless things because they were cute. Welcome to motherhood! :)

    P.S. Your Vito is sooooooooooo cute!!! I miss those early days! Enjoy!

  2. I think that your friends and family who will receive your Christmas cards featuring Vito will be blessed. They won't ask for any other present, just seeing Vito's cutesy smile will be enough. :)

  3. F! kamukha niyo na siya pareho haha :) hati na mukha ni vito. super cutie! mwah!

  4. Oooh this is a great idea. It should be a tradition too. :D

  5. What a wonderful Christmas you will have this year! I also make our own family holiday photocard, a good annual token for your family and friends.
    I am also guilty of taking daily pics of my first born, kinda addicting diba?! :)))

    By the way, just like to share this blog love with you. Keep it up!
    Versatile Blogger award

  6. Hi! you might want to consider The Stork Studio for your photoshoot :) They have packages especially for Christmas greeting cards!

  7. Martine! Where do you buy those My First Christmas decor? I'd offer to buy yours pero baka you'll have another kid and syempre dapat may "My First Christmas" din siya =)

    Vera, you really think so? Kasi game ako sa suggestion mo haha. Makakatipid pa ako!

    Joyce, yey! Thanks!

    Mom-Friday! Huuuwow! A Versatile Blogger Award =D Thanks!!!

    Jenny, yes, booked with them na! =D


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