Friday, October 1, 2010

What's the unsolicited advice that irks you most?

Unsolicited advice? Vito no likey!
A new friend of mine, Mariel of Rustan's Baby, is now going to be a mommy. I'm sooo happy for her! After congratulating her, I gave her some tips on dealing with pregnancy and motherhood. Now y'all know I absolutely  hated getting advice when I was preggy so why did I just do that to Mariel? Well, this is what I told her:

"My unsolicited advice is try not to listen to unsolicited advice and comments from well-meaning people."


Now, another blogger mommy friend, Peryl of Parenting Ad Absurdum, is writing an article on unsolicited opinions about how you parent your child. The stories shared there by some mommies are funny and sad at the same time. Care to share yours? Here's mine:

I was at the playground, taking my baby boy out for some sun when he became fussy. As I was trying to soothe him, a little boy, around 7 or 8, came up to me and said, "Is he your baby?" I said yes. 

He said, "Try feeding him. He must be hungry. He has a hungry cry. And he looks hungry." I said, "Oh no, I just fed him." 

The kid looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, "Ma'am, I'm a little boy, too. I know how hungry looks and sounds like. Believe me, your kid's hungry!"

Yup, everyone's the expert. Everyone, it seems, except the mommy!

Happy weekend!


  1. "Carry your baby when he cries"
    "Don't automatically carry your baby when he cries."
    Hay...ano ba talaga?!?!

  2. I don't know if this one counts but I felt it's a bit annoying when you are told to buy certain things for your baby just because she saw the other baby have it... argh! In my mind I just go like, "I want something else which I personally feel is much better for my baby than the one you are suggesting!"

  3. I believe our maternal intuition's unique to our babies. My mom is my greatest ally in this belief, BUT, a lot of other relatives have other opinions like:
    "Don't sling your baby; he'll become attached."
    "Don't give him organic food; we don't live in an organic world. He won't be immune."
    "Why are you putting little boy's clothes on a baby? Sayang ang pera."
    FYI, for the folks with this advice: I'm proud I'm an attachment parenting, health-conscious and fashion conscious momma. Deal with it."

  4. Hi Frances, really appreciate your advice, I get all sorts from all people...I used to absorb them like a sponge but now I tell them straight that sometimes what they tell me is ridiculous. They tell me it's bad to eat anything that's dark or black because my baby might turn out dark. If the mom and the dad are fair, I sure hope the baby is fair as well, doesn't it make sense? I like to think it's in the genes not the food you eat...

  5. haha!
    love the advice of the little boy to your friend
    so funny!

  6. for hiccups: "put moist cotton ball on the forehead"

    for wounds: "leave the wound unbandaged to dry in the open air"

    Lolz, it can really be irritating sometimes, especially if coming from people you just saw at a public place like the mall.

  7. I know, everyone has something to say about parenting and caring for a baby. I guess it's just natural for people to be compelled to give unsolicited advice. I really don't mind. Honestly, I often catch myself doing the same. At the end of the day I only follow what the experts say ie doctors and therapists.

  8. In France ... exactly after 6pm ... all parents switch their baby's clothing to knitwear. So each time I'm caught outdoors, and my son is just in cotton clothing, several parents scold me and demand why I haven't put on his tricot, which is French for knitwear.

  9. I know it's pretty late to be replying to this entry, but I was browsing through Pinay mommy blogs online and I stumbled on yours. I just wanted to share a piece of unsolicited advice I got when Caleb (now 1 year old) was just a few months old.. I was in a bank and the teller was oohing and aahhing over Caleb. Caleb has slightly puckered up lips (sort of like in a pout) and the girl told me that I shouldn't be giving Caleb the bottle too much (I failed at breastfeeding) because my baby would end up having puckered up lips. She actually told me not to feed my baby too much because the sucking action deforms baby's lips. WTF?!?


This is all pretty new to me so please feel free to share your mommy wisdom!