Friday, December 31, 2010

I'll never forget 2010!

Because of this little Jelly Bean!
Pregnancy was a roller coaster ride. There was a lot of changes and I can't say they were all good but if I had to do it all over again, I would... but with more grace and joy.
One of the funny things that came out of the pregnancy was I was touted by Style Bible as stylish. Me? Stylish? I had to get knocked up to become stylish! Imagine that!
This was the year I also discovered that there's SO MUCH LOVE in the world! Many people--some from complete strangers!--sent their love and well wishes and a good many presents to make my pregnancy more comfy (like this yummy carrot cake!) and to welcome the Jelly Bean. In fact, we got so many presents that the only things we bought for our son was the crib and milk bottles! Incredible! Thank you!

This was definitely my year of discovering friendships. I had always been the sort of person who kept people at arm's length. And yet... Turns out that there are some things you just can't escape from. And am I glad that there were a lot of people who chose to love me, like this group of lovelies who threw me a surprise baby shower!
Here are my dear old friends from Assumption, just as pregnant Pinky Jacob Ileto and wise mommy Kristine Claudio Baradi. This year I again realized that friendship doesn't need to be high maintenance and that some things can really bond women together. And motherhood is the most powerful bonding glue!
And here's the Jelly Bean! We named him Vito Simon. Vito means "life" and Simon means "he who listens." Because he was an unexpected life who changed our lives. And because we want him to listen to others--listening is an act of selflessness and wisdom! Great names, if I may say so! 
And here are the two men I love most in the entire universe. Without Vince, I'd never have discovered who I really am. Without Vito, I'd never have discovered how it means to completely give myself. This was definitely the year of discovery!
Me and Vito when he was just 2 months old. He is a darling critter. We adore him. We always thought we had a good life but when the little one came along, now we really know that our life is beyond blessed. So this was the year of realizing and appreciating life. We are truly grateful!
So 2010 was the year of love, friendship, family and deep joy. I'd like to thank all of you--and you know who you are!--for the gifts of love, time and friendship you've shown to me and my little family. You can't truly imagine the happiness you've brought to us. Thank you, my dearest friends. The journey to motherhood was unexpected and not without its bumps but because of you, this adventure is all the more exciting. I'm definitely looking forward to 2011 knowing I have friends like you. God bless you! 


  1. Happy New Year Mommy Frances! :) It was a great year indeed!

  2. Happy New Year, VeraBear! Here's wishing you a blessed 2011 =)


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