Friday, December 10, 2010

Out to meet the girls

Hi, my name is Vito Simon Amper Sales. And I am cute! Pardon my bathing photo. I don't wish to scandalize you, but today, I have a date with two of my mama's girlfriends, Auntie Nic and Auntie Nikki. They're two of my biggest fans and they're very very stylish. So I have to look great!

First, I took a bath. I like using Kiehl's Gentle Foaming Baby Wash. Either that or Lactacyd Milk Wash. They make my skin soft and me extra cuddly.

Then, I put on my Tushy Wushy cloth diaper. You're never too young to save the planet! I wore my orange one to match my...

New Mothercare Little Monster onesie! It's a gift from another gorgeous friend of mama, Auntie Paola. Don't I look tough?

I know, I know. The monster bit might scare people off... but look! It's multi-colored stripes at the back! I think the stripes make me look friendly enough.

Oh, I'm so excited for my date! See you later, Auntie Nic and Auntie Nikki!


  1. Mommy F, Vito got your eyes!!! =D

  2. Frances, Anika and Vito have the same chicco rattle/teether!! We call it Mr. Sun! =D

  3. NChiq, hooray! Everyone seems to think so!

    Tish, and heavy. My arms will fall off na...

    Fleur, what?! Chicco?! Ours is Tiny Love so knock-off design pala our Mr. Sun. Nyak. Yes, we call him Mr. Sun too! :)

  4. Frances... your baby is growing to be so gwapo ha!

  5. Looks like Vito loves having his picture taken :)

  6. I love Vito's Litte Monster Onesie!
    I have one from Carter's.. I adore it soo much because I call my 5-month old son, my Little Monster because he always suck the life out of me every breastfeeding sessions! :D

    I would definitely buy a tushy wushy too! Not too late to care for the planet, right?

    P.S. Vito is lovable!

  7. hello! im new to your site.. your baby is so cute! :D

    happy new year...

  8. hope you can drop by and do try to join mommy moments meme :) im sure you will meet more mommy bloggers :D


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