Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vito's first Christmas!

So sorry I haven't been updating. This particular holiday season was super stressful! I almost was a Scrooge and if I could just tell you all the reasons why I didn't feel like celebrating this Christmas, I'm sure you'd forgive me if I said, "Bah! Humbug!" Let's just say Vito saved me from becoming one. Thank God for you, Vito!

Let me share with you Vito's first Christmas with his Sales family. Sales gatherings are overflowing with noise, hyperactivity, food and fun. Photos here are from my sister-in-law Lizelle's camera. I haven't downloaded ours yet! Anyway, Vito was a bit overwhelmed at all the commotion but I can't wait for him to start enjoying Christmas--the gifts, the talent shows, the love!
Rabbit Family photo!
That's Vince's niece Elizabeth and Auntie Gay getting gigil with Vito.
Vito likes being surrounded by girls.
Vince's sister, Anj
Vince's dad, Lolo Mon
Vince's mom, Lola Digna
And the whole Sales family!

How was your Christmas? I hope it was merry and blessed!


  1. VITO IS SO ADORABLE! And the three of you in those shirts. Super cute!

    Merry Christmas, Sales family :)

  2. happy holidays! for sure this was a memorable Christmas for your family esp. now with baby Vito :)

  3. matching shirts! Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  4. i know what you mean!! Christmas has a way of stressing me out. Hehehe! Mom use to take care of a lot of things for Christmas and all I do is wrap the presents and eat the Noche Buena.. now its doubly hard.. gosh the work Xmas takes. :) But it was surely fun because I think i;ve really matured this season with all the responsibilities I have now.. and yeah, the drinking and partying was fun!! Cheers to Vito and to you and daddy Vince for your first Xmas together!!

  5. Hay I thought me lang! I didn't feel like celebrating Christmas this year too! I was the Christmas Grinch this year and if not for Anika, I would have just slept Christmas day away.

    Stressful kasi the first christmas with your first baby di ba? Nakakaloka! But in the end, I still enjoyed it kasi hubby and Anika were with me =)

    Belated merry christmas frances and advanced happy new year!

  6. oh my!!! did i see matching shirts? they are sooooo cute! but sorry frances, vito rocked it more than you and vince did! :P


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